What is Glocks motto?

What is Glocks motto?

Do you think Glock is true to it’s company motto of ‘Perfection’ despite the handgun’s many shortcomings? – Quora.

What Glock is the same size as a 1911?

The dimensions of a Glock 17 are only slightly smaller than the Government frame 1911. Both are fairly large pistols, but neither was built for concealed carry.

Why is Glock so popular?

Simple Design. Glocks also gained rapid popularity due to their simple design and firing mechanisms. If a gun operator needs to shoot, they can gently press the trigger to fire the gun. With these easy-to-fire features, the Glock could outcompete most revolvers that seemed to resist firing.

What does 1911 stand for?

The “1911” in the name is because the pistol was adopted by the United States Army in the year 1911. M1911A1 pistols have an ‘A1’ added because they were changed from the original design in the 1920s in military service.

Are 1911 Good guns?

Modern pistol designs have made the 1911 obsolete in its role as a combat sidearm. But when it’s tuned and running well, it’s the most accurate pistol out there. Warnings aside, the pistol’s appeal is strong and romantic. Picking up the pistol feels like shaking hands with John Wayne.

Is the Glock 1911 safe for military use?

The 1911 is safe either cocked or uncocked, per the U. S. Cavalry’s requirement. The Glock meets, or exceeds, the Austrian Army’s drop-test protocols. As military service pistols, both the Glock and 1911 were intended for “condition three” carry (chamber empty and action decocked) since this is how most armies mandate troops carry a pistol.

What is the difference between a Browning 1911 and a Glock?

While Browning’s swinging link and barrel lugs improved over previous designs, the Glock is a step forward from there. The Glock’s barrel locks into the slide’s ejection port which places it lower and closer to the hand than the 1911, a feature developed by SiG in the mid-1970s.

Could there be a Glock without a double stack magazine?

It could be argued that without the one the other could very likely not exist. After all it was John Brownings assistant Dieodonne Saive that perfected the double stack magazine design that most modern firearms including the Glock series of pistols use. Interesting idea to contemplate isn’t it?

How do the Glock fan boys counter the 1911 debate?

The Glock fan boys will then counter the argument and tout the marvel of polymer technology and go on for hours about Gaston Glock and his safe action system and tenifer coatings. Then they will head directly into the debate of the perceived unreliability of the 1911.

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