What is fusion method of ointment preparation?

What is fusion method of ointment preparation?

Fusion Method  Fusion is the act or procedure of liquefying or melting by the application of heat.  By the fusion method, all or some of the components of an ointment are combined by melted together and cooled with constant stirring until congealed.

What are the methods of preparation of ointment?

Ointments are prepared by using a combination of semisolid and solid hydrocarbons (paraffin) having ability to soften or a melting point nearer to body temperature. They should be nonirritating in nature and should not cause an allergic response to the eye.

What are the basic difference between Triturated method and fusion method of ointment preparation?

1. Fusion, in which ingredients are melted together and stirred to ensure homogeneity. 2. Trituration, in which finely-subdivided insoluble medicaments are evenly distributed by grinding with a small amount of the base or one of its ingredients followed by dilution with gradually increasing amounts of the base.

What is trituration method of ointment preparation?

Trituration Method Widely used method For extemporaneous preparation of ointments. When the base is soft and medicament is solid insoluble Small amount of liquid to incorporated in the base Advantage Involves mixing as well as size reduction Procedure: 1. Reduce the solid medicament to fine powder 2.

How is fusion method done?

It involves the use of polymers (e.g., Poloxamers (10), some grades of polyethylene glycols (11)) which melt at relatively low temperatures (60–90°C) (12). This technique along with hot melt extrusion allows mixing of drug and polymer at a molecular level without the use of organic solvents.

Why do we perform Levigation process?

A wetting agent, properly known as a levigating agent, is a liquid used to displace the film of air that exists on the surface of dry powders. When mixing a powder with a wetting agent in a mortar and pestle, levigation displaces surface air for insoluble and slightly soluble ingredients.

What are the types of ointment?

There are four general classes of ointments: Hydrocarbon bases (oleaginous ointment bases) which keep medications in contact with the skin and can act as a moisturizer….What Are Ointments?

  • Petroleum jelly.
  • Anhydrous lanolin.
  • Waxes.
  • Vegetable oils.
  • Lard.

What is the formulation of ointment?

Typical ointment bases comprise petrolatum and mineral oil, or petrolatum and waxy/fatty alcohol combinations, the ratio and grades of these components being selected to give the desired finished product viscosity/spreadability.

What do you mean by fusion method in pharmaceutics?

Fusion method for making solid dispersions and eutectic mixtures of poorly soluble drugs with hydrophilic polymers has been used widely in the past for solubility enhancement and possible improvement in bioavailability of these drugs (9).

What is the difference between cream and paste?

As verbs the difference between cream and paste is that cream is to puree, to blend with a liquifying process while paste is to stick with paste; to cause to adhere by or as if by paste.

Why is Trituration used?

In organic chemistry, trituration is a process used to purify crude chemical compounds containing soluble impurities. A solvent is chosen in which the desired product is insoluble and the undesired by-products are very soluble or vice versa.

What is the difference between trituration and Levigation?

Trituration is used to reduce the particle size of powders to make a greater surface area available. Levigation is the process of mixing or triturating a powder with a liquid in which it is insoluble to reduce particle size and aid in incorporating the powder into a liquid or semisolid base.

How is ointment made by fusion method?

By the fusion method, all or some of the components of an ointment are combined by being melted together and cooled with constant stirring until congealed. Components not melted are added to the congealing mixture as it is being cooled and stirred.

What are the two methods of preparing ointments?

Preparation of ointments Ointments are prepared by two general methods: – Incorporation – Fusion Incorporation By the incorporation method, the components are mixed until a uniform preparation is attained. 17.

What are the general considerations in compounding of ointments?

Irrespective of the method employed for the preparation, ointments should be smooth and free from granular or gritty particles. In compounding of ointments, the following general considerations are observed. (i) If insoluble substances are to be incorporated in the ointment base then they should be in impalpable powder form.

How do you mix ointment?

The ointment base is placed on one side of the working surface and the powdered components, previously reduced to fine powders and thoroughly blended in a mortar, on the other side. A small portion of the powder is mixed with a portion of the base until uniform.

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