What is fig in Hammer Union?

What is fig in Hammer Union?

F200: Fig 200 Hammer Union (Blue/Grey Sub) The colour coding system on Hammer Unions represent the different configurations and pressure ratings (Fig #’s are also normally stamped on the union as well); pressures range from 1,000-15,000 psi depending on the size and configuration.

Where are hammer unions used?

HAMMER LUG unions, or WECO couplings, as they are called, allow for quick connecting the pipelines and flexible hose assemblies in the oil and gas industry . They are popularly used on onshore and offshore drilling rigs to transfer petroleum, gas, drilling mud, cement, water, air and many other media.

What is union hammer?

A connection common in the oil industry consisting of two joints coupled by a threaded nut. Protrusions on the nut are hit with a sledgehammer to tighten the connection and energize the seals. Hammer unions are commonly used on treating iron because of their ability to be quickly made up or broken down.

What is a 1502 connection?

For example, the widely used 1502 connection has a working pressure of 15,000 psi for standard service, as indicated by the first three digits (150). Similarly 206 connections would be rated to a working pressure of 2000 psi. The final digit relates to the seal type.

What is a union seal?

Union seals are used to seal a joint, usually between two pipes of hose couplings. The styles used to achieve such a seal differ greatly. Common styles include; • RJT.

What does 1502 Iron weigh?

1502 Integral & NPST Pup Joints Details

2″ 1502 39 LBS
2″ 1502 32 LBS
2″ 1502 24 LBS
3″ 1502 199 LBS

How much PSI does a high pressure lines have?

High pressure service (6000–20,000 psi).

Do unions need tape?

not on the union threads, you would only use teflon tape on the connecting pipe threads if its a threaded union. It’s a union that’s glued to pvc pipes on both sides.

How do you stop a union from leaking?

If the union is leaking from either solder joint, disconnect the union and heat the leaking joint to melt the solder. Slip the union off, spread new flux and re-solder it. If the union is joining copper and galvanized steel pipes, it should be a dielectric union.

How much does a 3 inch plug valve weight?

1502 Low Torque Plug Valves Details

2″ 1502 131 LBS
3″ 1502 208 LBS
3″ 1502 569 LBS
3″ 1502 274 LBS

What is FRAC iron made of?

Material is of carbon steel and alloy steel and is light weight. This integral treating iron is capable of handling a variety of fluids at cold working pressure of 15000 psi.

What size adapter do I need to connect fig 1502 to Fig 602?

If operators find they must connect a male 2″ fig. 1502 to a female 2″ fig. 602 or 1002 union, an adapter as shown below, will safely accomplish the connection.

What is a 602 Union used for?

Fig 602. Orange Subs – Black Nut These unions are recommended for manifold and line connections truck mounting and in-mud services. This union has resilient lip-type seal for positive sealing and also protects secondary metal – to metal seal. Suitable for 6000 PSI.

How do I avoid connecting a 1502 to a 602/1002 Union?

To avoid connecting a Known 2″ 1502 male half union to a 2″ 602 / 1002 female half union, you only need to identify 2″ 602 / 1002 female (external thread) union halves by finding readable marking, or by using a WOODCO USA 2″ 602 /1002 Union Identification Tool, to positively identify the 2″ 602 / 1002 union profile.

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