What is Eja Osan in English?

What is Eja Osan in English?

aba aba knifefish
Eja osan in English Eja osan fish is called asa fish in Igbo, dansarki in hausa ; it is called names like aba aba knifefish, african knifefish, frankfish, fresh water rat tail in some parts of the world.

Which fish is Eja Osan?

African knifefish
The African knifefish known as Eja Osan- Yoruba, Azu Asa- Igbo and Dansarki- Hausa is a prized component of the Nigerian seafood cuisine.

How much is Eja Osan Lagos?

₦30,500.00 per 1 kg.

What fish is ASA?

Asa is the most common dried fish variety in Nigeria after crayfish and stock fish. Asa dried fish is extremely rich in proteins as it has the ability to retain Omega3 and antioxidants. Apart from this, it further helps to prevent the occurrence of heart attack in people.

What is mackerel fish in Yoruba?

“Eja Yiyan, Ofooro”….that’s the Yoruba name for smoked mackerel! Frozen mackerel fish (locally called monkere, eja ice (iced fish), eja alaran – due to its velvet skin) is a staple source of protein for most Nigerians.

Is Panla fish healthy?

Panla Fish has been linked to many health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease, improved mental ability, and protection from cancer. Panla Fish supplies important nutrients, including protein and a small amount of fat. The Fat in Panla is very healthy for those who do not want to add weight.

How is Adun made?

Did you know Aadun (adun) is a ceremonial Yoruba snack made from roasted corn? Korede Adeyi and 616 others like this. It is made by sun drying corn after which it is grinded alone or with dry pepper. To make aadun, you mix with palm oil and you might wanna add salt to taste.

What is Mangala fish?

Mangala is a probably a Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo term that refers to a method of preserving fresh fish by smoking and sun drying. In Nigeria, a fish is called Mangala if it is harvested fresh, cut and smoked with fire for preservation before they are sold in the market.

What is Azu Asa called in English?

I bought this fish without knowing the name; I later found out it is one of Nigerian’s highly priced seafood, and its fish known as Knife Fish in English, in Yoruba as Eja Osan or Dansarki in Hausa or in Igbo its called Azu Asa. It is a highly regarded and expensive delicacy and often listed on drowry/bride price list.

What kind of fish is Panla?

Hake Fish
Hake Fish (Panla)

What is salmon in Yoruba?

Yoruba Translation. eja salumoni. More Yoruba words for salmon. ẹja alawọ pupa fẹẹrẹ noun. salmon.

What is Panla called in English?

The English name of panla is European hake fish. The hake fish is also known by many local names as herring hake, cape hake, merluza (Spanish), pescada, pescadinha, nasello, merluzzo (Italian), merlu, merluche (French).

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