What is drainage cell for in planter box?

What is drainage cell for in planter box?

They are typically used with geotextile in the bases of planter boxes or large pots to provide a space for water to flow to improve the drainage of excess water. Each piece of drainage cells is 50cmL by 50cmW with a thickness of 3cm.

How do you lay a drainage cell?

Installation Procedure

  1. Place the drainage cell over the surface of the membrane and butt together (interlocking is not required).
  2. Cut the drainage cell where required using a hand or circular saw.
  3. Place the filter fabric over the drainage cell allowing for a 150mm overlap at each seam.

What are drainage cells used for?

Drainage cells are made from high strength recycled polypropylene which is inert to soil borne chemicals and bacteria. They provide a uniform surface and a void space to drain excess water. The unique design and void space helps maintain a consistent temperature on the wall surface.

What is Draincell?

Drain cell is a structural drainage module manufactured from 100 % recycled polypropylene designed for sub-surface drainage where a high capture and discharge rate of water and high compressive strength is required. Drain cell modules are easily interlocked in the same plane or at right angles to one another.

Which Atlantis drainage cell is right for my project?

Atlantis 20mm Drainage Cell is ideal drainage solution for intensive or extensive green roof and roof garden projects. Also ideal for planter boxes, podiums and wall drainage. Learn More Atlantis 30mm Drainage Cell is ideal drainage solution for intensive or extensive green roof and roof garden projects.

How can I improve the drainage in my planter?

Use perlite to increase drainage rates in wet climates or it’s opposite, vermiculite, to retain water in dry climates, under balconies or indoors. Another drainage consideration is filtration and root blockage. A planter is really just a shaped French drain.

What are ecorain/eco-rainwater drainage cells?

These cells have a shallow and effective drainage profile and ensure landscapers can make full use of mature plants on roof gardens which need soil depth and water retention properties. The EcoRain/Eco-rainwater Drainage Cells are made from recycled Polypropylene, which is inert to soil-borne chemicals and bacteria.

What is deepstream wood garden planter?

DeepStream Wood Garden Planter with a Trellis acting as privacy screen wall has a tapered waterproof inner liner with advanced drainage that allow the plant to flourish and flower.

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