What is dorridge famous for?

What is dorridge famous for?

In 1852 the railway was built by the Great Western Railway, originally in Brunel’s preferred 7-foot gauge track. Dorridge railway station, which was originally called Knowle, and later Knowle and Dorridge, created the focal point for a new community.

How old is Dorridge?

Dorridge is first recorded in 1400, as ‘Derrech’, meaning a clearing in the wood frequented by animals. The area was farmland, divided between a number of tenants in large fields and small plots, although the Tithe Map for 1839 shows a number of buildings scattered throughout the area.

How many platforms does Dorridge?

Dorridge railway station

Managed by Chiltern Railways
Transit authority Transport for West Midlands
Platforms 3
Other information

What is the population of Knowle?

around 11,000 residents
Knowle lies within the Arden area of the historic county boundaries of Warwickshire, and since 1974 it has been part of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull within the West Midlands. It lies 2.5 miles from the Warwickshire border and has a population of around 11,000 residents. Knowle is in the constituency of Meriden.

Does Knowle have a train station?

Knowle Halt was a railway station in the county of Hampshire in England. It was served by trains on the Eastleigh to Fareham and Meon Valley lines. The station opened in 1907 and closed in 1964….

Knowle Halt Railway Station
Status Disused
Pre-grouping London & South Western Railway (1907-1923)

Is Dorridge train station Free parking?

Please visit the station ticket office where a member of staff will record your vehicle registration number. Parking is free at this station on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays.

Is Knowle Solihull a nice place to live?

Knowle is a beautiful village in the Solihull area. Home to just 11,000 residents, it is a modest place suitable for those who love the quiet life. There’s a great community vibe around the whole village, with friendly locals hosting lots of different events and activities for all to enjoy.

What is a Knowle?

The name Knowle is derived from the Saxon ‘Cnolle’ which means a small hill. It appears in documents as ‘Gnolle’ ‘Knolle’, ‘Knole’ and ‘Knoll’ before the present spelling became standard from about the mid-19th century.

Is parking free at Dorridge station?

Can you park at Solihull train station?

Parking near Solihull Station is easy with JustPark. Once you’ve found, reserved and paid for your Solihull Station parking, all that’s left to do is to follow some simple access instructions and directions to guide you to your space – and then just park up and jump on your train. It’s completely hassle-free.

Is Dorridge posh?

Three of those posh properties are in Birmingham, three are in Dorridge and one in Solihull itself. So if you know anyone living in any of these, you might want to be nice to them!

What is the population of Dorridge?

Part of the historic county of Warwickshire, the village has a population of approximately 7,800 people, and is encompassed within the electoral ward of Dorridge and Hockley Heath, whose population stood at 11,140 as of the 2011 census.

Why buy this four bedroom property in Dorridge?

This four bedroom property is filled with an abundance of light perfectly located within walking distance for Dorridge village, shops, amenities and train station of Dorridge.

What are some of the best books about Dorridge?

The Rise of the Commuter Village of Dorridge. Gem Bradley. Unpublished Thesis, 1972. Personal Recollections of Birmingham. E Edwards, 1877. Bentley Heath and Widney Manor.

Do you know the history of Dorridge Park?

Whilst there is a history of locals taking a dim view of developers, a local developer, Mr Ford, gave the land which is now Dorridge Park to the community in 1965.

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