What is condonation of delay application?

What is condonation of delay application?

Condonation of delay is usually applied for the delay in filing suits or applications in the courts in India. Condonation of delay is an exception to such limitation period. It is a remedy provided to a person if he fails to approach the court/respective authority within the time limit prescribed under the law.

What is sufficient cause for condonation of delay?

The words “sufficient cause” need to receive a liberal construction. The Bench of three Judges held that unless want of bona fides of such inaction or negligence as would deprive a party of the protection of Section 5 is proved, the application must not be thrown out or any delay cannot be refused to be condoned.

How do I get a condonation for a delayed order?

Step 1: Log in to the e-Filing portal using your user ID and password. Step 2: On your Dashboard, click Services > Condonation Request. Step 3: On the Condonation Request page, select Delay in submission of ITR-V option and click Continue.

How do I file a condonation delay in appeal?

Application for condonation of delay in filing the appeal, giving the reasons for the delay, along with necessary evidences should be filed with Form No. 35 (i.e., form of appeal). The Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals) can condone the delay in filing the appeal if genuine reason exists for delay.

What is condonation application?

Condonation means that the Employee is seeking the permission of the CCMA for the late referral. of their dispute. The Employee must complete an Application supported by an affidavit stating the. reasons why their referral is late. The Commissioner at the CCMA should then hear their Application.

What does condonation mean?

Definition of condonation : implied pardon of an offense by treating the offender as if it had not been committed.

When should I apply for condonation?

The CCMA states that if the above time period has lapsed, the referring party (the employee who was unfairly dismissed or retrenched) must apply for condonation and he or she is required to make application to the CCMA to condone the reason that he or she failed to refer the dispute timeously within the 30 day period.

What happens after condonation is granted?

If condonation is granted, the dispute will continue to be heard before the CCMA. The employee may refer the matter for arbitration, and the CCMA will schedule a date for arbitration. If condonation is refused, the CCMA will close its file, bringing the matter to an end.

What is condonation in family law?

55. Condonation means forgiveness of the matrimonial offence and the restoration of offending spouse to the same position as he or she occupied before the offence was committed.

What is another word for condonation?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for condonation, like: absolution, forgiveness, amnesty, excuse, pardon and remission.

What are examples of condonation?

An example of a condonation is one person forgiving another for lying to them. The forgiveness, purposeful disregard, or tacit approval by a victim of another’s illegal or objectionable act, especially by treating the other person as if nothing happened.

What is the condonation of delay?

Condonation of delay is the extension of the prescribed period in specific cases. Section 5 in The Limitation Act, 1963 states “Extension of prescribed period in certain cases.

Can a court condonation of delay be justified?

The law on the issue can be summarised to the effect that where approach the court within limitation. In case a party is found to be delay. No court could be justified in condoning such an inordinate delay by imposing any condition whatsoever. The application is to be to the condonation of delay. In case there was no sufficient cause to

When to bring an application for condonation to the court?

An application for condonation should be brought without delay and as soon as possible once an applicant realizes that he has not complied with a rule of court.7 And it is not to say where non-compliance was due entirely to the neglect of the applicant’s attorney, condonation will be granted.8

What is the process for condonation of petition?

For the condonation process that the court may follow the petitioner has to make a formal request via filing a condonation application or petition which is generally filed with the main petition. The court may or may not condone the delay.

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