What is commercially sensitive information examples?

What is commercially sensitive information examples?

Commercial Information means information regarding the purchase and sale of goods and services, including, but not limited to, information regarding marketing strategy, production data, assessments of goods and services, mineral exploration records, and compilations of data regarding commercial activity.

How do you protect commercially sensitive information?

To protect confidential information in business dealings, two avenues are available: confidentiality agreements, and the equitable duty of confidence. So let’s take a look at what distinguishes the two, and why they are both important for protecting sensitive commercial information.

What is commercial confidentiality?

Commercial confidentiality refers to safeguarding the privacy of sensitive information of individual firms (such as market position, financial health, or whether the firm is receiving financial support).

What does highly sensitive information mean?

Highly Sensitive Information means information confidential to Provider or its Subsidiaries in the following categories: (i) user data, including Personal Information, that is not anonymized or aggregated; and (ii) algorithms, Source Code, Object Code, specifications, and technical documentation regarding system …

What is commercially sensitive information UK?

Everything, from the existence of a contract, to illegal bribes, to most of what is disclosed under securities regulations, can be classified as “commercially sensitive” in the broadest sense of the term. However, disclosure of such information may still be required, in order to serve a greater public interest.

What is commercially sensitive information competition law?

UK competition law stipulates that companies should act independently when supplying and purchasing products or services. When a company divulges commercially sensitive or confidential information, there is a risk that the sharing of strategic data mutes competition between them and leads to a collusive outcome.

What is commercially sensitive information Australia?

The ACNC generally understands commercially sensitive information to be any information of a confidential nature which has commercial value that would be reduced if the information was disclosed.

What is the nature of confidential information?

Requirement of secrecy: the information must be of a “confidential” nature; Communication in confidence: the information must have been communicated in circumstances that indicate that the person receiving it must respect its confidential nature.

What is the difference between confidential and commercial in confidence?

Commercial in confidence generally takes the form of a term in a confidentiality clause, which outlines an obligation to not disclose confidential information. Confidential information is any secret information that, if revealed, could cause harm.

What is sensitive customer information?

Sensitive Customer Information means Customer Data with respect to a Consumer that is (a) such Consumer’s name, address or telephone number, in conjunction with such Consumer’s Social Security number, account number, credit or debit card number, or a personal identification number or password that would permit access …

What is competitive sensitive information?

What Is Competitively Sensitive Information? At its base level, competitively sensitive information is the type of information a company would not share with its competitors. This includes current information such as: Prices, or price terms, including discounts.

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