What is bottom hole sampling?

What is bottom hole sampling?

Downhole Sampling: Bottom hole samplers are specially designed devices containing one valve or two valves at their extreme ends. They are run in the hole, on wireline, to the reservoir depth and the sample collected from the subsurface well stream at the prevailing bottom hole pressure.

What is fluid sampling?

Anew formation fluid sampling method separates filtrate contamination from the virgin reservoir fluid, and the fluid sample cleans up faster than with the conventional approach. Formation fluid samples provide essential information for field development.

What is a single phase sample?

The single-phase sample bottle is a mercury-free sample bottle used to capture high-pressure monophasic fluid samples for storage and transportation. A sample piston keeps the sample separate from the buffer fluid used for pressure compensation.

What are PVT properties?

An abbreviation for pressure, volume, temperature. The term is used in fluid properties evaluations. See: rheology. 2. n. [Drilling Fluids] A shorthand term for pressure, volume, temperature dependencies for fluid properties.

What is surface sample?

Surface sampling methods include contact plating and swabbing. Surface sampling is also used for sampling garments and gloves. Results are expressed as numbers of CFU per plate (contact plates) or cm2(swabs). Media residues should be removed adequately after sampling.

What is used for sampling of flowing liquids?

Sampling liquids, such as groundwater from wells, may involve the use of specialized “down-hole” sampling devices, with valves that can be remotely opened and closed, or of pneumatic or electrical pumps of various designs.

What is PVT analysis?

PVT analysis is the scientific process used to determine phase behavior and fluid properties of oil and gas samples from your well—both in the reservoir (downhole) and at the surface.

What is Pvt drilling?

What is Pvt material?

Polyvinyltoluene (PVT, polyvinyl toluene) is a synthetic polymer of alkylbenzenes with a linear formula [CH2CH(C6H4CH3)]n. Commercial vinyl toluene is a mixture of methyl styrene isomers.

What is viable sampling?

A viable sample is a live microorganism. These can include yeast, mold, and bacteria. Typically, these are microorganisms that can grow or multiple, making them a considerable danger to a cleanroom. For instance, in 2018, one of NASA’s cleanrooms became contaminated with fungi.

What are environmental swabs?

Environmental swabbing can inform food business owners and food regulators about how clean a food processing area is. Environmental swabbing involves the microbiological testing of food preparation surfaces, equipment and utensils using various swab techniques to find out if pathogens are present.

What is downhole fluid sampling?

Downhole fluid sampling Downhole sampling of fluids, also referred to as bottomhole sampling, is a key component of most hydrocarbon fluid sampling programs. The procedures outlined here apply to reservoir fluids or production streams above ambient pressure, and they are highly specific to the petroleum industry.

How can I use a downhole sampler without wireline?

Various drillstem and tubing-conveyed installations are available for downhole samplers, which allow them to be operated without the use of wireline. These can allow samples to be collected downhole in high-risk wells in which wireline operations are not permitted.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of downhole sampling?

One advantage of downhole sampling is that it can be performed without a separator at the well. There are several problems that can occur during downhole sampling.

Is the mean concentration of the downhole sampler population the same?

If a downhole sampler operates properly, the mean concentration of the downhole sampler population is the same as the mean concentration of the control population. Column 5 lists the probability that the mean concentration of the downhole sampler population is the same as that of the control case population.

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