What is blubluclad?

What is blubluclad?

Bluclad, a young company founded in Prato in 2008, was created to meet the increasingly sophisticated requests by the international fashion brands regarding the fi nishes of their metal accessories for the clothing, footwear and leather goods sectors.

What is Siniat bluclad?

Siniat Bluclad is a high performance cement fibre board suitable for external sheathing, direct render and other textured finishes. The board has outstanding dimensional stability making it ideal as a substrate for a variety of thin coat polymeric renders. Bluclad is available in a standard 10mm thickness and has a textured surface for rendering.

Why blubluclad render base boards?

Bluclad is the leading render base board on the market with third party accreditation from the BRE providing a failsafe option to render installers. Complies with BS EN 15283 Type GM-H1, GM-I and GM-F. Fully Combustible: with Euroclass A1 reaction to fire, ideal for sites with specific fire safety demands.

What does a bluclad chemist do?

On a daily basis, the Bluclad chemists carry out the delicate analysis of galvanic solutions, perform compliance testing of accessories manufactured by their clients, and do continuous research on new finishes and production technologies, supported by innovative instrumentation.

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