What is better white or yellow beeswax pellets?

What is better white or yellow beeswax pellets?

White beeswax is better for cosmetic purposes, while yellow beeswax is often better when it comes to making candles. Beeswax is one of the most popular natural ingredients that you can find in many different organic products nowadays, regardless of what the purpose of the products may be.

What are white beeswax pellets used for?

In manufacturing, yellow and white beeswax are used as thickeners, emulsifiers, and as stiffening agents in cosmetics. Beeswax absolute is used as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes. White beeswax and beeswax absolute are also used to polish pills.

Are beeswax pastilles the same as pellets?

Our beeswax pastilles possess all of the same beneficial properties as our blocks of beeswax. These pastilles, sometimes known as pellets, have a deep golden color and a honey-like aroma. Beeswax is produced by the female worker honeybees.

What is beeswax pellet?

Beeswax Pellets, Natural is drained or centrifuged from the combs after the honey has been removed. Beeswax Pellets, Natural is a easy-to-use pastille form of this natural wax which makes an incredibly efficient thickener for the oily phase of cosmetic formulations.

How can you tell the quality of beeswax?

Hold a bit of wax between your fingers (pea-like amount) and try to knead it with the pressure of your fingers, it should get sticky, if it slides between your fingers its a sign that paraffin is in it. If it breaks in fragments you can suspect it is adulterated with stearine.

Which beeswax is best?

The Best Beeswax for Encaustic Painting, Candle Making, and More

  1. Sky Organics White Beeswax Pellets.
  2. Better Shea Butter Texas Beeswax.
  3. Beesworks Yellow Beeswax Bars.
  4. Stakich Yellow Beeswax Block.
  5. Beesworks Beeswax Pellets.

What is the difference between white beeswax and yellow beeswax?

The difference between the waxes is slight: Yellow Beeswax is fully refined, while the White Beeswax is naturally bleached by exposing it in thin layers to air, sunlight and moisture. In cold process soap, Beeswax is a natural way to harden your soaps and can be used up to 8% in your recipes.

Does beeswax have any nutritional value?

The main constituent of honeycomb is beeswax, which is considered to have no nutrients that can be utilized by people and therefore no caloric value. Eating lots of beeswax may not be good for your digestion as it can’t be broken down in your intestines.

Is beeswax the same as beeswax pellets?

Many do-it-yourself natural cosmetics and some other DIY projects will include beeswax ‘pellets’ or ‘pastilles’ in the list of ingredients. These are small bits of beeswax that can be measured out for crafts. We offer a variety of sizes of beeswax blocks that can be used for any number of do it yourself projects.

What is the difference between pellets and pastilles?

As nouns the difference between pellet and pastille is that pellet is a small, compressed, hard chunk of matter while pastille is a soft flavoured candy.

What are beeswax pellets made of?

It’s made from beeswax in the US. It smells just like honey, which is a pleasant soothing scent. It costs substantially more per pound, but it’s well worth it.

How can you tell if beeswax pellets are real?

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