What is better than Helicoil?

What is better than Helicoil?

Time Sert inserts for head bolt applications are much thicker than the Helicoil brand. They are more like a solid metal bushing which is threaded on the inside and out. The Time Sert brand insert is installed with a special driver.

Is a Helicoil a permanent fix?

As long as the bore bit for the helicoil attains full 100% contact with new base metal and the helicoil tap is run in square with the bore the repair is usually permanent.

What does a helicoil look like?

As its name suggests, a HeliCoil is a helically coiled stainless steel wire that has a diamond-shaped cross-section. The wire cross-section allows the external portion of the wire to screw into the receiving threads in the housing during installation.

What is the strongest thread insert?

Wire thread inserts
Wire thread inserts are the strongest type of threaded connection. For this reason threads in critical applic-ations such as inside aircraft turbines and nuclear reactors are fitted with wire thread inserts from new.

What does a Helicoil look like?

Is helicoil stronger than original threads?

If a thread is “static” i.e. not likely to be done up and undone more than a few times in its lifetime, we would always say a helicoil type thread is the strongest option. There is not a lot of difference in strength between a Time-Sert and a wire STI and both protect soft alloys from stripping.

Do you put Loctite on HeliCoils?

Apply LOCTITE® 2620™ Threadlocker into the helicoil 2620™ was selected because it is a high-strength threadlocker that can handle the high temperatures the headers will face.

What keeps a helicoil in place?

HeliCoils do not require thread sealants or thread locker in order retain the insert, but if you feel the need to use sealant or thread locker, a light coating may be applied to the outer threads, making sure the inner threads are clean. Once installed, HeliCoil inserts are very reliable and trustworthy.

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