What is Battlefield: Bad Company Rated?

What is Battlefield: Bad Company Rated?

Top-notch war sim, but T-rated series is now “M.”

Is Bad Company a real company?

The 222nd Army Battalion is a fictional battalion of the United States Army in Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

When was Battlefield: Bad Company released?

June 23, 2008
Battlefield: Bad Company/Initial release dates

What is Battlefield Bad Company 2 rated?

Parents need to know that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an M-rated game, unlike the first game in the series which was rated “T” by the ESRB. The first game in the Bad Company series featured plenty of gunplay, but had no blood and only minor profanity.

Is Bad Company a British band?

Bad Company are an English hard rock band from London. Formed in 1973, the group originally featured vocalist and rhythm guitarist Paul Rodgers, lead guitarist Mick Ralphs, bassist Boz Burrell and drummer / percussion John deleone .

Did Bad Company record all right now?

All Right Now

“All Right Now”
Recorded January 1970
Studio Trident, London Island, London
Genre Hard rock blues rock
Length 4:14 (single version) 5:31 (album version)

How many missions are in bad company?

seven missions
Our walkthrough covers the game’s seven missions in-depth so you can get through everything in the easiest way possible. And of course, our Collectibles section is chock full of information on each of the game’s collectibles and pieces of gold.

How long is Battlefield: Bad Company campaign?

It is only six or eight hours long — comparable in length to the main story in Modern Warfare 2 — and while it is not propelled by scripted set pieces as cinematic as those in the competition, Bad Company 2’s narrative glistens.

Why is it called Battlefield: Bad Company?

The player follows the story of Preston Marlowe, a recently transferred member of the US Army to the “B” company of the 222nd Army Battalion, known by many as “Bad Company” due to it being a conglomerate of “all the insubordinates, hell-raisers and troublemakers that won’t fit in any other unit”.

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