What is automated tape library?

What is automated tape library?

An automated tape library (ATL) allows you to use system-managed storage for mountable tape cartridges. Mount requests for these cartridges are handled by a robotic tape cartridge handler. An ATL provides management facilities for tape volumes, but does not manage the data sets contained on those tape volumes.

What is physical tape library?

In computer storage, a tape library, sometimes called a tape silo, tape robot or tape jukebox, is a storage device that contains one or more tape drives, a number of slots to hold tape cartridges, a barcode reader to identify tape cartridges and an automated method for loading tapes (a robot).

What is Acsls tape library?

StorageTek ACSLS Manager software enables you to implement a strategic, centralized library management solution. It enables any supported application, or combination of supported applications, to dynamically allocate library resources without hard partitioning of tape slots in the library.

Is tape library a server?

In a common scenario, a backup media server, tape library, virtual tape library (VTL) or individual tape drive encrypts data as it is written. Tape libraries contain the capacity for massive amounts of information that is rarely accessed or changed.

What is a feature of a virtual tape library?

A virtual tape library (VTL) is a storage system consisting of hard disk drives (HDDs) that looks and acts like a physical tape library. In addition to providing faster backup and recovery times, VTLs are scalable, can reduce operating costs and are compatible with other storage features such as deduplication.

How does tape library work?

A tape library contains racks of cartridges and multiple tape drives with a robotic system used for automatically changing tape cartridges. A filing system that uses a barcode reader or an RF scanner allows the tape library to find the correct tape to load either for writing or for reading.

How does a tape autoloader work?

A tape autoloader typically consists of a tape drive, a tape magazine and a robotic arm that moves tapes between the drive and the magazine. The bigger tape library has multiple drives, and the robotic tape loader can access all of them, improving reliability.

What is mainframe VTS?

VTS lets you define up to 32 virtual tape drives to the host. Not visible to the host are up to 6 physical tape devices. When the host writes to one of the virtual devices, it actually writes to a virtual volume residing on the VTS DASD buffer.

What is virtual tape system?

Virtual tape is an archival storage technology that makes it possible to save data as if it were being stored on tape although it may actually be stored on hard disk or on another storage medium. The virtual tape system also can manage data so that more of the space on a tape cartridge is actually used.

Which of the following is a characteristic of virtual tape device?

A virtual tape library (VTL) is a storage system consisting of hard disk drives (HDDs) that looks and acts like a physical tape library. VTLs are typically used for backup and data archiving purposes. The array of disks is presented to the backup software as tape.

What is LTO used for?

Linear Tape-Open, or LTO for short, is a tape-based data system specifically designed to store and retrieve files. LTO media offers massive storage capacities, with the current generation holding 12TB per tape.

What is autoloader tape drive?

The IBM® TS2900 Tape Autoloader is an entry-level automated backup for rack systems and small to midsize businesses. With a low-profile, high-density storage capacity, the TS2900 is ideally suited for backup and archival operations.

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