What is Audi damper control?

What is Audi damper control?

In the suspension with damper control, sensors measure the movements of the vehicle body. The damping characteristic is then adjusted accordingly to the road surface conditions and the driving situation. The driver can choose between several suspension settings in the Audi drive select system.

What is the Audi air suspension?

Audi’s Adaptive Air Suspension is an electronically controlled suspension system that uses air springs on all four corners of the vehicle.

What is Audi adaptive damping suspension?

Tire-independent, adjustable shock valves that deliver a driver-tailored ride and continuously adaptive handling. Instead of conventional shock absorption, shock valves are controlled electronically in accordance with road conditions, driver control inputs and the Audi drive select setting. …

What is a CETE module?

Using the active suspension control module from CETE gives you the ability to use the full range of the air suspension in your Audi and control it with the factory drive select controls. You are able to set each drive select suspension mode to a unique ride height set by you using the smartphone app.

Is dynamic damper control worth it?

I have it on my F56 JCW and for me it was worth it. If you don’t track your mini and you drive on rough roads it provides a much smoother ride, however, it does limit your hard cornering somewhat and you can’t put coil overs on your mini if you have it.

Is Audi adaptive suspension worth it?

Definitely worth it. I ordered it on my A5 and I usually leave it in Comfort, and the difference between Comfort and Dynamic is significant.

Are adaptive dampers worth it?

Is adaptive suspension worth the cost? For those who have a long commute, drive frequently on bumpy roads, or just appreciate the feeling of a seamless drive, adaptive suspension can be well worth the price.

What does dynamic damper control do?

BMW Dynamic Damper Control (also sometimes called Dynamic Damping Control) is a system that can change the suspension settings on the fly. Each wheel has a control unit that monitors movement 400 times per second and then adjusts the shock absorbers appropriately.

What is BMW VDC?

Essentially the VDC gives you dampers which softened or made harder depending on driving setting, all 6 series come with the drive performance control on, but VDC cars also have additional options which is the “Comfort+” setting. BMW’s online description is very confusing and not really giving a full picture.

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