What is Argo based on?

What is Argo based on?

Argo, American political thriller, released in 2012, that was based on events that took place during the 1979–81 Iran hostage crisis. It centres on several U.S. embassy workers who escaped the hostage takers, took refuge with Canadian diplomats, and were able to escape the country disguised as a Canadian film crew.

How long is Argo?

2 hours
Argo/Running time

How much of Argo is a true story?

Argo’s central, nutty storyline—in which the CIA establishes a fake movie production, complete with a full script and ads in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, in order to rescue six Americans stranded in post-revolutionary Iran—is 100 percent true, and pretty incredible.

Why is the movie called Argo?

The script used for the fake film project was based on the 1967 science fiction novel “Lord of Light” by Roger Zelazny. In real life, make-up artist John Chambers (played by John Goodman) came up with the title “Argo” because he loved knock-knock jokes. In the film, the title becomes an off-color joke.

Is Tehran based on a true story?

In Apple TV+’s new espionage thriller Tehran, an Iranian-born, Israeli-raised Mossad agent must infiltrate the foreign capital to prevent Iran from developing an aggressive nuclear weapon program. …

Is there a U.S. Embassy in Iran?

Iran does not have a U.S. Embassy.

Who produced Argo?

Ben Affleck
George ClooneyGrant Heslov

What is Argo workflow?

Argo Workflows is an open source container-native workflow engine for orchestrating parallel jobs on Kubernetes. Argo Workflows is implemented as a Kubernetes CRD. Model multi-step workflows as a sequence of tasks or capture the dependencies between tasks using a graph (DAG).

Was Argo filmed in Iran?

Although most of the movie takes place in Tehran, Iran, not a single minute of film was shot there. Other than location shoots in Istanbul, Turkey and Washington, D.C., the majority of Argo was filmed in Los Angeles.

Who was the real producer in Argo?

At the CIA, Mendez specialised in disguises, forgery and rescues. He is best known for smuggling six American diplomats out of Iran during the 1979-81 hostage crisis by posing as a film producer. Ben Affleck, who directed Argo and starred as Mendez, called him “a true American hero”.

What happened to the Iranian hostages in 1979?

Political analysts cited the standoff as a major factor in the continuing downfall of Carter’s presidency and his landslide loss in the 1980 presidential election; the hostages were formally released into United States custody the day after the signing of the Algiers Accords, just minutes after American President …

Can an Israeli go to Iran?

You cannot travel to Iran on your Israeli passport.

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