What is another word for not giving information?

What is another word for not giving information?

“Many say there is simply a lack of information about the EU’s role.”…What is another word for lack of information about?

ignorance unawareness
unconsciousness benightedness
incognizance obliviousness
unfamiliarity illiteracy
inscience knowledgelessness

What is another way to say documentation?

What is another word for documentation?

evidence proof
certification documents
citations credentials
papers records
verification authentication

What is another word for providing information?

Frequently Asked Questions About inform Some common synonyms of inform are acquaint, apprise, and notify. While all these words mean “to make one aware of something,” inform implies the imparting of knowledge especially of facts or occurrences.

What is the synonym of applicable?

Some common synonyms of applicable are apposite, apropos, germane, material, pertinent, and relevant. While all these words mean “relating to or bearing upon the matter in hand,” applicable suggests the fitness of bringing a general rule or principle to bear upon a particular case.

What is the antonym for enunciate?

What is the opposite of enunciate?

ask conceal
hide mispronounce
muffle mumble
question repress
suppress withhold

How do you say not informed?

synonyms for not informed

  1. ignorant.
  2. unacquainted.
  3. unaware.
  4. uneducated.
  5. unfamiliar.
  6. caught napping.
  7. clueless.
  8. daydreaming.

What is inadequate information?

Information Inadequacy: The Lack of Needed Information in Human, Social and Industrial Affairs.

What is a synonym and antonym for document?

ˈdɑːkjəmɛnt, ˈdɑːkjuːmɛnt) Record in detail. Antonyms. misconstruction straight ticket split ticket indirect discourse. put down record. document (English)

What is an antonym for documentation?

Opposite of evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement. disproof. denial. veto. refusal.

Is a word or a phrase that provides more information about something being discussed in a sentence?

A predicate noun, or predicate nominative, is a noun or noun phrase that provides more information about the subject of the sentence. It completes a linking verb, like “to be.” Predicate nouns can only follow linking verbs because they’re expressing a state of being, not an action.

How do you say your information professionally?

Fyi stands for for your information. It’s commonly used not only in informal communication but also in formal situations to call attention to certain information.

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