What is an H59 reticle?

What is an H59 reticle?

The Free Horus Reticle Simulator. TRY IT NOW! H59™ Features. Horus Grid: The uniform 0.2 milliradians Horus Grid allows you to easily compensate for bullet drop for any ballistics and density altitude.

Why does tremor have 3 reticles?

The TREMOR3™ reticle is designed to maximize the speed and accuracy of marksmen. Time of Flight Wind Dots: Patented Time of Flights Wind Dots provide accurate wind holds in wind speed values (mph, kph, m/s, etc.) to allow for quick and easy holds without a ballistic solver or counting numerous subtensions.

What is tremor reticle?

The Tremor 3 reticle is all about faster shooting. The Accuracy 1st – Speed Shooting Formula is built right into the reticle’s elevation hold, making even faster shooting possible. It’s field-proven to make wind calls easier.

Who makes Horus vision scopes?

The Ray Dennis Group of Companies
The Ray Dennis Group of Companies acquired the business of Horus Vision on 07/19/2016. Dr. Dennis is delighted to add the legendary product offerings of the Horus Vision portfolio under a new business known as Horus Vision Reticle Technologies.

What is Leupold CCH reticle?

Reticle Features Proprietary Leupold® design. MIL based grid. Designed with input from elite operators, shooters, and hunters. Multiple aiming points for extreme long-range shots. Patented open intersections provide quick bracketing and precise shot placement.

What is a duplex reticle?

“Duplex”-style reticles feature a thin center wire with heavier outer sections. The distance between the intersection of the wires at the center and the point on the wire where it thickens can be used as one unit that subtends, or equals, a specific, yet different, measurement at various ranges.

Does Nightforce own Horus?

In 2016, Horus Vision was purchased by the Ray Dennis Group of Companies which also encompasses Lightforce Performance Lighting, Ace Precision Rifle Systems, and Nightforce Optics.

Who owns Night force?

#1 – Who makes Nightforce scopes? Nightforce Optics is a U.S. based company that is owned and operated by an Australian company called Lightforce Performance Lighting. Nightforce was originally founded by an Australian.

Are Leupold scopes first or second focal plane?

Example: Leupold’s Mark 5 HD 3.6-18×44 a second focal plane rifle scope with a magnification range of 3.6-18x, has hash marks representing 1 MOA. This is only true at its full magnification, 18x. When the rifle scope is not at full magnification, the hash marks represent different values relative to the magnification.

What is the difference between the Horus H58 and H59?

Horus H59 Reticle – The H59 reticle is a “field-tuned” version of the H58. The H59 is a mil-based, Christmas-tree style reticle with 0.2 mil subtensions designed for speed shooting out to 600 meters, but the Horus grid accommodates shots out to 1500 meters.

What is the difference between the H58 and the hashgrid?

The hash grid is extended horizontally by 1 mil more on each side than the H58 for additional wind capability, and it features an aiming dot in place of the H58’s heavy crosshair.

What is the difference between Moar and Nightforce reticles?

The standard MOAR reticle has thicker lines than most Nightforce reticles, and has numerical indicators on windage and elevation axes for fast acquisition in field conditions. The design is easier to see in low light and visible against dark backgrounds and shadows than other MOA articles.

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