What is amcork Cork?

What is amcork Cork?

AmCork products are not only sold to end users but also authorized AmCork dealers. All AmCork cork flooring and cork wall tile products are all natural cork and made by harvesting only the bark of the cork oak, the cork tree is never felled. The cork oak tree requires periodic harvesting of the bark in order to preserve the longevity of the tree.

Why choose americanamerican cork products?

American Cork Products carries over 30 different colors and patterns of floating cork flooring and parquet cork flooring tiles. From all natural cork floor products to bold and commanding patterns and colors, we have sustainable flooring to fit everyone’s style palette.

What is amcork underlayment?

AmCork underlayment, is supplied built-in to AmCork Floating Cork Floor Planks, and is sold as Underlayment Rolls and Underlayment Sheets to end users and the construction industry as a thermal and acoustic insulator in the installation of wood flooring, and for structural resilience in the installation of tile flooring.

How long do I need to store cork tile before installation?

Open cartons must be at job site for 48-72 hours prior to cork tile installation. During storage and installation, maintain temperature and relative humidity to level consistent to conditions that will prevail when building is occupied.

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