What is a Thunderbolt siren?

What is a Thunderbolt siren?

The Thunderbolt siren pumps a large volume of low pressure air through it’s chopper rotor with the blower to increase the sound volume coming out the horn. The Thunderbolt 1000 chopper rotor is the same as the chopper rotor used in the Federal Model 2 siren.

What is a Thunderbolt 1000T?

* 1000T = Dual tone unit (Right) * 1003 = Dual tone unit capable of producing coded tones (Left) * 2000 = Thunderbolt with a gasoline engine powered blower.

How loud is the Thunderbolt 1000T?

Thunderbolt history * Model 1000, a single-tone siren which generated 127 dB of sound (measured from 100 feet away from the siren);

How much does a Thunderbolt siren cost?

Property may be removed by appointment only and appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance….

Thunderbolt Sirens and Poles (Brands are ATI and Federal Signal)
Auction Closed
Sold Amount: $325.00
Buyer’s Premium (12.50%): $40.62
Total Price: $365.62

How does a Thunderbolt 1000t work?

The Thunderbolt 1003 uses two solenoids that are attached to the throat of the horn. Each solenoid has a gate that closes off one row of ports on the stator. They are used to create alternating steady, alternating wail, pulsed steady, and pulsed wail signals, which can be used as a fire warning.

Do they still make Federal Signal Thunderbolt?

The Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1003 is a discontinued Civil Defense Siren produced by Federal Signal. The 1003 is a variant of the popular Thunderbolt series of sirens.

Can you own an air raid siren?

you can have it. Just don’t run the air raid siren or you could be arrested. That’s like yelling fire in a crowded movie theater, and someone falls and dies during the panic to get out of the theater.

When was the Thunderbolt siren made?

Since the Thunderbolt was introduced in 1952 during the beginning of Cold War, it saw primary use as an attack warning siren. Phases of the attack signal was stressed in advertising as one of the most distinguishing features of the Thunderbolt.

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