What is a synonym for undocumented immigrant?

What is a synonym for undocumented immigrant?

illegal alien noun(offensive) foreigner in country without permission. day-crosser. illegal immigrant. undocumented immigrant.

What happens if you employ illegal immigrants?

The punishment for hiring illegal immigrants can include fines that increase with each violation and even potential jail time. Fines increase with each offense. For a first offense, a person may be fined $375 to $2,000 for each illegal employee hired.

What is a synonyms for immigrant?

synonyms for immigrant

  • alien.
  • foreigner.
  • migrant.
  • newcomer.
  • settler.
  • colonist.
  • outsider.
  • pioneer.

What are antonyms for immigrant?

Opposite of a person who comes to a country from another country in order to permanently settle there. nonimmigrant. citizen. emigrant. local.

What is the opposite of undocumented?

What is the opposite of undocumented?

confirmed official
authoritative authorisedUK

What does the term undocumented mean?

Legal immigrants are foreign-born people legally admitted to the U.S. Undocumented immigrants, also called illegal aliens, are foreign-born people who do not possess a valid visa or other immigration documentation, because they entered the U.S. without inspection, stayed longer than their temporary visa permitted, or …

Why do people immigrate?

Immigration is the process of moving to a new country or region with the intention of staying and living there. People may choose to immigrate for a variety of reasons, such as employment opportunities, to escape a violent conflict, environmental factors, educational purposes, or to reunite with family.

What makes an immigrant undocumented?

Overstaying visa Many undocumented immigrants are migrants who originally arrive in a country lawfully but overstay their authorized residence (overstaying a visa).

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