What is a SOT component?

What is a SOT component?

A small outline transistor (SOT) is a family of small footprint, discrete surface mount transistor commonly used in consumer electronics. The most common SOT are SOT23 variations, also manufacturers offer the nearly identical thin small outline transistor (TSOT) package, where lower height is important.

What does SOT mean in electronics?

Small Outline Transistor
S. T. (Small Outline Transistor) A surface mount package for electronic components (transistor, resistor, etc.).

What is the difference between SOT23 and SOT23 3?

Note that SOT 23 and SOT 23-3 are just names, they don’t have any definition. They have just entered the language through use and custom. JEDEC formally standardises dimensions, its TO-236AB package outline is the JEDEC title for what is known as SOT 23 and SOT 23-3.

What is an SOT package?

Small Outline Transistor (SOT) packages are very small, inexpensive surface-mount plastic-molded packages with leads on their two long sides. Due to their low cost and low profile, SOT’s are widely used in consumer electronics. The SOT-23 and the SC-70 packages are two of the most widely used SOT packages today.

What is SON package?

Small Outline No Lead (SON) packages provide a small form factor at 0.4 and 0.5mm pitch. These are normally smaller pincount devices in a robust, plastic package compatible with all end equipment including automotive. Quad lead version is referred to as QFN.

What is SOT in Mobile?

You might have heard Android users talking about Screen on Time or SOT, or you may already be familiar with the term. SOT or Screen on Time is the number of hours the screen was on. One can get this information from settings -> battery / power.

What does SOT mean in a script?

SOT is an acronym for the phrase sound on tape. It refers to any audio recorded on analog or digital video formats.

What is SOT 523?

SOT-523 | Your analog power IC and the best power management, TOREX. Your analog power IC and the best power management. Sample Request.

What is package SOT23?

SOT-23 is just package number 23 in the JEDEC SOT specifications. It was used mainly to replace the very popular TO-18 and TO-92 3 pin leaded transistor packages, the name means Small Outline Transistor. As such, three pins in a triangular configuration was easy to read, as it echoed the three pin leaded package.

How do I solder Wson?

You can solder ANY package at home with some affordable tools.

  1. Clean the board from contamination. Remove old solder metal with solder wick and clean flux residues with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Apply solder paste to the pads.
  3. Preheat the board to 120–150C.
  4. Use a hot air gun set to 260..

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