What is a puncture of a joint?

What is a puncture of a joint?

Puncture of the knee joint consists in putting a needle into the knee joint to evacuate or take joint fluid. In the first case, it is to relieve the patient of their “painful swollen knee” and in the second to find the cause of the pain in the knee.

What is the medical term for fixation of a joint?

Arthrodesis refers to the fusion of two or more bones in a joint. In this process, the diseased cartilage is removed, the bone ends are cut off, and the two bone ends are fused into one solid bone with metal internal fixation.

What is the medical term for surgical puncture to remove fluid from a joint?

Joint aspiration is a procedure to remove fluid from the space around a joint using a needle and syringe.

What is the medical term for incision of a vein?

The corresponding term for an incision into a vein is a venotomy. Either a transverse or a longitudinal incision can be made (with respect to the direction of the artery), depending on the situation. The incision is typically made with a scalpel and extended with surgical scissors.

What does a puncture result in?

A puncture wound has a small entry hole caused by a pointed object, such as a nail that you’ve stepped on. In contrast, a cut is an open wound that produces a long tear in the skin. Puncture wounds require different treatment from cuts because these small holes in the skin can disguise serious injury.

What is the surgical repair of a joint called?

Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to restore the function of a joint. A joint can be restored by resurfacing the bones. An artificial joint (called a prosthesis) may also be used.

What word means surgical repair of a joint?

Arthr/o/plasty: surgical repair of a joint.

What is Ganglionectomy medical term?

the excision of a ganglion.

What is the term that means puncture to remove fluid from the sac around the embryo?

Amniocentesis is a prenatal testing procedure usually performed during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. During amniocentesis, your provider uses a thin needle to remove a small amount of amniotic fluid from the sac surrounding your unborn baby.

Which of the following suffixes has the meaning surgical puncture?

One of the procedure suffixes is ‘-centesis’, meaning surgical puncture to remove fluid.

What is an Angiotomy?

Angiotomy. (Science: anatomy) dissection of the blood vessels and lymphatics of the body. Origin: Angio- – gr. A cutting.

What does the word puncture?

1 : an act of piercing with something pointed. 2 : a hole or wound made by piercing with something pointed. puncture. verb. punctured; puncturing.

What is a surgical puncture to remove fluid from a joint?

Arthrocentesis is the removal of the synovial fluid that lubricates your joints. Doctors perform arthrocentesis using a needle and syringe. The fluid is removed and tested to diagnose the cause of a buildup of fluid. Causes include infection, arthritis, and joint injury.

What is the medical term meaning twisting of a joint?

Rotation of the neck or body is the twisting movement produced by the summation of the small rotational movements available between adjacent vertebrae. At a pivot joint, one bone rotates in relation to another bone. This is a uniaxial joint, and thus rotation is the only motion allowed at a pivot joint.

What is a surgical puncture of a joint?

Arthrocentesis is the surgical puncture of a joint space to remove synovial fluid. Basically put a needle in the joint, and then aspirate the fluid. This is usually a diagnostic and not a therapeutic procedure.

What is the medical term meaning surgical repair of a joint?

Arthroplasty literally means β€œthe surgical repair of a joint,” and it involves the surgical reconstruction and replacement of degenerated joints, using artificial body parts, or prosthetics. When the articular cartilage of the knee becomes damaged or worn, it becomes painful and the knee is hard to move.

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