What is a Lindapter clamp?

What is a Lindapter clamp?

Lindapter clamps are manufactured from high strength materials to resist high load requirements and harsh environments. Quickly align steel sections by sliding the section into the correct position before tightening the Girder Clamp to complete the installation.

What are beam clamps used for?

What are beam clamps? This temporary fixing solution, which are also known as girder clamps, is used to suspend or secure fixtures, wires, threaded rods, and other hardware. It provides a simple and portable means of attaching a hoist to a runway or lifting beam.

Are beam clamps safe?

When you are using a beam clamp, the following should be taken into account: Ensure that you conduct a thorough check of your beam clamp before use. Do not use faulty beam clamps, faulty beams, or faulty hoists. Make sure you attach any suspending attachment to your beam clamp from a safety hook.

How do you connect a Unistrut to a beam?

Unistrut U style beam clamps feature a piece of bent plate and a u-bolt that is threaded on both sides to secure channel in place. The channel is fed through the u-bolt, which is then tightened to secure both the plate to the beam and the channel to the plate.

What is Hollo Bolt?

Type HB – Hollo-Bolt The Lindapter Hollo-Bolt is a patented method of securing to square, rectangular or circular hollow section steel, or to conventional steelwork where access is available from one side only.

What is a flange clamp?

Flange clamps are used for providing the holding power to the 4-bolt flange connection. The captive flange clamps are offered with either drilled or tapped bolt holes. The captive flange clamps with tapped holes are used to connect tubes and/or hoses together.

Can beam clamps be used for lifting?

Beam clamps are used for lifting and pulling heavy items and they provide a versatile connection to common structural steel sections. As common as they are in industrial settings, there are still important decisions to be made when selecting a suitable version.

Can you lift with a beam clamp?

Beam clamps, also known as girder clamps, are used for lifting and suspending heavy items.

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