What is a helix bong?

What is a helix bong?

Made popular by their patented airflow system, Helix bongs and pipes from Grav Labs continually sets new standards in the smoking accessories industry. The signature Venturi Chamber of the Helix acts as a vortex and aerates the smoke. …

How much water do you put in a helix bong?

Its showerhead downstem diffuses smoke through water and can be removed for easy cleaning. Its Venturi chamber mouthpiece features three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke. The Helix™ Beaker comes ready to use with a 14mm Helix™ Taster® Bowl and functions best with approximately 2″ of water.

Who makes Helix Bongs?

The Helix design can be found in water pipes, dab rigs, and dry hand pipes crafted by Grav Labs (check out the collection here.) Since the helix cools and smooths the vapor, you may find you don’t need an extra percolator for your water pipes or dab rigs.

How does the helix pipe work?

Helix Pipes rely on a scientific theory known as Bernoulli’s Principle of Airflow in a Venturi Shape — aka, the tornado effect. The smoke traveling through the apparatus then swirls into a tornado-like shape. The speed of the air coming through the pipe is increased due to the holes, leading to this twister effect.

Where is Helix glass made?

The Original Glass Helix Pipes are handblown in Texas with the utmost care and precision to make sure each piece meets their impeccably high standards.

How often do you change bong water?

You must replace your bong water often, ideally after every smoke session, in order to avoid mold. Any water that sits in a water pipe is at risk of molding.

What happens if you don’t put water in a bong?

Will Smoking Bong Without Water Make You Higher? Also, it is completely untrue that you will have a stronger weed effect when smoking bong without water. You will only inhale the smoke and more other particles – which will make the weed taste seem different when you taste it.

Where are helix pipes made?

Featuring the famous Helix venturi chamber with micro holes that spin your smoke into a swirling tornado effect for smoother and cooler hits every time. Proudly made in the USA the Helix hand pipe is available in several sizes and available in clear, fume…

How do you smoke a helix?

Place the ball of paper in the Venturi chamber mouthpiece. If you’re testing a hand pipe, cover the carb with your finger. If you’re testing a water pipe, make sure the bowl is in place. Inhale from the mouthpiece as you would during use, steadily but firmly pulling air through the Venturi chamber.

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