What is a grip and gaffer?

What is a grip and gaffer?

Gaffers and grips are the same. Think of it like this: the gaffer is theory, the grip is execution. The gaffer knows where the lights should be placed for a scene to look right (sometimes but not always at the direction of the DP or director), and the grip builds the lights to be placed.

What is a movie grip salary?

Once there be sure to join a union to ensure success and guarantee wages. On average, a key grip will make $37,000 per year. It’s not unheard of for a big Hollywood key grip to make between $80,000 and $100,000 per year, but the work is inconsistent. If there is no filming, there is no work.

Why are grips called grips?

Grips are usually requested by the DoP (Director of Photography) or the camera operator. The term “grip” is derived from an older term in U.S. theatre where it designated stagehands who moved scenery. U.S. grips typically belong to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).

Who is the most famous grip?

‘Chainsaw’ Tommy May, Famed Key Grip in Hollywood, Dies at 81.

What do grips do on set?

The grip is the person in charge of setting up equipment to support the camera in a movie, commercial or television show. The grip sets up the rigging that allows the camera to move around the set to capture footage. The grip works on the camera dollies, cranes, tracks and camera setup.

What union is a grip in?

U.S. grips typically belong to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).

How do you get grips in movies?

The best way to move up on any set is to start out as a production assistant. After surveying the wide variety of jobs, if you want to be a key grip, try to become an assistant in the camera department, or see if the grips have their own dedicated production assistant, depending on the size of the movie.

What is a gaffer in a movie?

Gaffers work closely with the director of photography (DoP) to bring to life the overall look of a film by creating and controlling light. Gaffers mediate between the DoP and the rest of the lighting crew. They’re also responsible for safety and need to comply with the law on electricity, driving and employment.

What is a Hollywood grip?

Can a best boy be female?

In a film crew there are two kinds of best boy: best boy electric and best boy grip. They are assistants to their department heads, the gaffer (in charge of electricals) and the key grip (lighting and rigging), respectively. A female who performs the duties of a best boy may be called best girl.

How much does a grip make per day?

Grip Salary While salary is dependent on experience, working conditions (budget, location, hours of work, union status), a 2019 report from Career Trend found that an average salary for grips is $30,000, while dolly grips earn between $200 and $300 per shooting day, according to Saddleback University.

What is a gaffer?

What does a ‘grip’ do on a movie set?

Grip (job) They constitute their own department on a film set and are directed by a key grip. Grips have two main functions. The first is to work closely with the camera department to provide camera support, especially if the camera is mounted to a dolly, crane, or in an unusual position, such as the top of a ladder.

What is grip in film industry?

In the film industry, the key grip refers to a person who works with the Gaffer and the cinematographer in order to supervise all the grip crews, including lighting and rigging, to report the progress of the on-set gearing up to the Director of Photography, commonly known as the DOP .

What is a key grip in filmmaking?

The Key Grip. The key grip is chief of the grip department on a film set and manages a team of grips. The grip department is responsible for setting up, maintaining and/or operating production equipment such as: Note: In Britain the term grip applies specifically to camera-mounting equipment, not lighting.

What is a movie key grip?

The Key Grip is basically the unit head, and reports to the Director of Photography on a feature. They are responsible for scouting the locations, ordering, arranging transport and setup of equipment for filming and lighting.

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