What is a Grignette?

What is a Grignette?

The grignette is a thin scalpel blade set in a plastic handle. It is less inclined to drag the dough than larger blades and is ideal for making intricate markings such as curves and swirls.

What is a lame in baking?

A razor-like tool mounted on a handle, lame (pronounced “LAHM”) means “blade” in French. It’s used to score or slash bread right before it hits the oven. The reason for this is simple: The openings control the direction the dough expands during baking.

What is a UFO lame?

The WireMonkey UFO bread lame provides ultimate fine control for scoring your bread in a compact ambidextrous design. The Japanese Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum coated double edge blade is stored safely in the lame. Here are some of the benefits of the WireMonkey Lame: – Ultimate fine control over scoring.

What happens if you dont score bread?

By scoring your loaf, you create weak points that allow your bread to expand more easily. If you don’t score your loaf, it will still expand, but in a jagged pattern.

Do you score bread before or after proofing?

Scoring is generally done after the bread’s finally rise and just before the loaves go in the oven. These intentional splits give the bread more room for their final rise in the oven without splitting the carefully closed seams. Slashing can also be done for purely decorative reasons.

How do you score sourdough without a lame?

If you want to score bread without a lame, another option is to use a pair or scissors or kitchen shears. Since kitchen shears are most likely to be food-safe, they’re definitely the better option, but standard household scissors will also work to score bread, as long as they are clean.

What is a sourdough lame?

A bread lame (pronounced “lahm”) is one of them. Slashing an unbaked loaf provides a directed means of escape for the gluten and gasses under rising pressure—something that’s especially important with sourdough breads—preventing the gas from escaping out the side in an undesirable crack.

Why does a lame have a curved blade?

Bakers use bread lames (French for blade, pronounced LAHM) to score and slash dough. Some bakers find that the curved razor gets under the surface of the dough more easily than a straight blade. Our lame’s curved blade will help produce superb ears, loaf after loaf!

Why does my bread collapse when I slash it?

You might notice that the collapse happens during the slashing stage or when transferring the dough from your proofing basket onto your peel or dutch oven. The reason for this is that the yeast in your bread has exhausted itself and does not have any more energy after you put it in the oven.

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