What is a good score in Aits?

What is a good score in Aits?

30–50% marks can be considered good.

What is full form of Aits in Byjus?

BYJU’S JEE All India Test Series (AITS) 2019-20.

Is Aits online or offline?

The exam will be available only in the online format.

How do you do a resonance test series?

Topic wise online practice test from class XI & XII syllabus. Instant Score….JEE (Main) Online Test Series.

Claass Course Fees (Rs.)
XII / XIII Online Complete Test Prep (CTP) 6500
XII / XIII Topic wise Online Tests 3000
XII / XIII Online Test Series 3500
XI (2 yr.) Online Test Series 4500

How much did you score in Aits?

FIITJEE AITS 2018: Full test paper 3,7,8,9,10 and 11. I had solved them in real time(i.e exam like environment) and score used to vary from 55%-70% depending upon the temprament with which I took those tests. FIITJEE AITS 2019: Full Test paper 3,7,8,9 and 10. Again score fluctuated from 55%-70%.

Is it compulsory to give Fiitjee Aits?

No, It is not compulsory as we offer AITS in correspondence mode too, Where student can receive and attempt test papers at home however we strongly recommend every student to join AITS at test center only because nothing can substitute for taking JEE mock test in exact JEE examination environment.

What is DPP in BYJU’s?

Indepth discussion of Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) & Practice Sheets. The well-designed and structured DPP will help you revise the concepts every week for all the topics. Practice Sheet discussion ensures that you learn to apply the concepts taught in the class.

What is All India Test Series exam?

The features of BYJU’S All India Test Series are; The test is conducted similar to the actual JEE/NEET exams. This pattern is followed to give students a real experience of taking the actual exam which will further help them gain higher confidence and ability to answer accurately.

What is a good score in Fiitjee Aits?

I ,most of times, got an expected AIR of 500–1000 and a Fiitjee rank of around 50 in my last 10 Fiitjee Aits.

Is Allen test series tough for JEE?

Yes, the Allen online test series for JEE mains is harder than the actual JEE test for sure.My personal experience with Allen test series is so good but the you have to accept the fact that this test series is harder than the actual but practicing with Allen test series will definitely help you to examine your progress …

What is the cost of Resonance test series?

Thank you for your interest….For Class XII/XIII – Target JEE 2020.

Medium Hindi / English
Total Tests Online Test Series : 24 Test in Online mode | Postal Test Series : 24 Test in Postal mode
Schedule & Syllabus LIVE | ONLINE | POSTAL
Fee (Rs.) Live – Rs.12500/- | Postal – Rs.9850/- | Online : Rs.4500/-

Do coaching institutes buy toppers?

It is just not students but also coaching institutes that are in the race to grab top positions in entrance examinations. This year, too, six different coaching institutes claim to have tutored undergraduate medical entrance examination topper Soyeb Aftab.

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