What is a concierge key member on American Airlines?

What is a concierge key member on American Airlines?

Concierge Key is American Airlines’ invitation-only elite status. It gives you priority over Executive Platinum members for just about everything, lounge access, extra systemwide upgrades, and also (hopefully) proactive help in the event of irregular operations.

How do I get an American Concierge key?

Who Can Get ConciergeKey? Anyone can get ConciergeKey, but primarily you need to have a large sphere of influence over travel at major corporations. If you’re trying to attain ConciergeKey as a single traveler, you’re likely looking to spend north of $50,000 a year and fly more than 200,000 miles.

How much should I spend on a concierge key?

American Airlines Concierge Key elites sit at the top of the food chain, earning those benefits typically by spending at least $50,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) in a calendar year and flying more than 200,000 miles.

Is American Airlines extending elite status 2023?

We’re providing a few benefits to thank you for your loyalty during this transition: We’ll extend your current status through March 31, 2022. Activity in January and February 2022 will count toward earning both 2022 and 2023 status – 2 extra months to earn status for both years.

Is AA Executive Platinum worth it?

Is AA Executive Platinum worth it? Executive Platinum provides the most tiers out of any of the public status levels on American and comes with several really beneficial perks, including complimentary upgrades on all domestic routes and up to 5 systemwide upgrades as part of a choice benefit program.

How many Executive Platinum members does American Airlines have?

There are 50,000 – 60,000 Executive Platinum top tier American AAdvantage members. There are about the same number of Delta Diamond members.

How many Executive Platinum members are there?

How do I get into the Flagship lounge?

Admittance. A customer must hold a same-day ticket for airline travel on an eligible flight that allows clearance through security and access to the Flagship® Lounge. Eligible customers must have access to the American terminal or concourse in order to use the lounge at that location.

Does American Airlines have a 10 million mile club?

Fly a million miles and earn special benefits It’s a special honor to be recognized with Million Miler℠ status, and it is our pleasure to reward such loyalty with the AAdvantage® Million Miler℠ program.

Can I get an extension on my American Airlines voucher?

We will not extend or reissue past the expiration date. Invalid or expired Flight Credit will not be honored. To receive Flight Credit, your original ticket must be canceled before the departure of the first flight (or the ticket loses any remaining value and cannot be used for future travel).

Can you buy AA Gold status?

You can request a status challenge to achieve AAdvantage Gold or Platinum elite levels. You don’t need to hold status with any other airline to request a status challenge, but you will have to pay an upfront fee.

Do Executive Platinum get free drinks?

AAdvantage® Executive Platinum and ConciergeKeySM members get a complimentary alcoholic drink and food menu item.

What is an American Airlines concierge key elite status?

Concierge Key elites even get to visit American Airlines’ Flagship Lounges — with their immediate family or two guests — anytime they fly AA or a Oneworld alliance airline, even if they are on a short hop in economy. In December 2017, some CKs got the chance to gift Executive Platinum elite status to a friend or family member.

What is AAdvantage conciergekey?

American Airlines’ Concierge Key Top-Tier Status – Full Guide [2021] ConciergeKey status, the top tier in the AAdvantage program, is the coveted holy grail for American flyers and is offered to heavy spenders. Skip to content

How much does it cost to become an American Airlines conciergekey?

There is no exact formula to become a ConciergeKey, but most estimates say you need to spend north of $50,000 annually to be considered. There are no published requirements for ConciergeKey, so it is tough to say what will get you admitted into the program. What is ConciergeKey on American Airlines?

Who is assigned to conciergekey?

Depending on the size of the account, how many corporate travelers there are, and the prospective or signed spending, ConciergeKey may be assigned to the travel manager (or several may be offered for designation). Think top companies with millions of dollars to spend here — places like IBM, Apple, Deloitte, etc.

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