What is a BadUSB cable?

What is a BadUSB cable?

Consisting of a small USB device named DemonSeed, it’s a HID attack gadget in the genre of the BadUSB devices we’ve seen previously. When plugged in, the unit emulates a USB keyboard and can be programmed to enter whatever keystrokes are necessary to take over the machine or exfiltrate data.

What is USBHarpoon?

USBHarpoon – BadUSB Appears It is a USB security flaw, allowing attackers to turn a USB into a keyboard used to type in commands. Now, USBHarpoon is a BadUSB attack with a twist. And attackers can reprogram USB drive’s controller chip and make it appear as a human-machine interface device (HID) on the computer.

How do you defend against BadUSB?

How to protect against BadUSB attacks

  1. USB port blocker.
  2. Using special programs to monitor typing speed.
  3. Restricting access to elevated Command Prompt.

What can BadUSB do?

BadUSB is a security vulnerability that lets an attacker reprogram a USB device and turn it into a tool to manipulate the victim’s computer. BadUSB attacks are dangerous as antivirus and malware scanners usually cannot access the firmware on USB devices and safeguard the computer.

What does bash bunny do?

Bash Bunny is a Debian Linux computer with a USB interface designed specifically to execute payloads when plugged into a target computer. It can be used against Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, and Android computing devices.

What can you do with MalDuino?

Once plugged in, MalDuino acts as a keyboard, typing commands at superhuman speeds. What’s the point? You could gain a reverse shell, change the desktop wallpaper, anything is possible. For penetration testers, hobbyists and pranksters the MalDuino will serve you well!

What is shark Jack?

The Shark Jack is a portable network attack and automation tool for pentesters and systems administrators designed to enable social engineering engagements and opportunistic wired network auditing. It features a familiar Hak5 payload architecture, flip-of-the-switch operation and multi-color LED for instant feedback.

What is a packet squirrel?

The Packet Squirrel by Hak5 is a stealthy pocket-sized man-in-the-middle. This Ethernet multi-tool is designed to give you covert remote access, painless packet captures, and secure VPN connections with the flip of a switch.

What is Sharkjack?

What does a Hak5 do?

This portable network attack tool is a pen testers best friend optimized for social engineering engagements and opportunistic wired network auditing. Out-of-the-box it’s armed with an ultra fast nmap payload, providing quick and easy network reconnaissance.

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