What is a 63 split window Corvette worth?

What is a 63 split window Corvette worth?

How much is this 1963 split-window Corvette? The private owner has it listed on eBay, and the price is a staggering $499,900. All of the second-gen Corvettes are extremely collectible. But the split-window coupes, given the unique rear window found only this one year, are arguably the most sought after.

How many 1963 split window Corvettes are left?

Chevy says 10,594 of its new-fangled Corvette Sting Ray split-window coupes left the St. Louis factory during the 1963 model year. So would you pay nearly a half-million dollars to say you own the last one ever built?

How rare is a 1963 split window Corvette?

Though this car is rare, a factory A/C system would make it extremely rare as only 1.3 percent (or 278) of ’63 Vettes came with the $421 option. The current owner of this split-window Corvette also mentions the engine being rebuilt prior to owning it.

Are split window Corvettes rare?

The second generation of the Chevrolet Corvette was launched in 1963. The whole new design included a split rear window for the coupe. The Corvette was only produced for one year with that split rear window. So, the split window 1963 Corvette is rare on its own.

How much did a Corvette cost in 1963?

Production notes

Year Production Base Price
1963 21,513 $4,037
1964 22,229 $4,037
1965 23,562 $4,106
1966 27,720 $4,084

How much is a 1963 Stingray worth?

Depending on the engine specification and options, values can change vastly, Hagerty’s price guide ranks the 1963 “Split-Window” Corvette fitted with an L75 V8 at $122k in #2 excellent condition, while a #1 concours-quality car should bring $167k, although they suggest a 20% hit for the 3-speed transmission.

What is the most expensive 1963 split-window Corvette?

The most expensive car on the lot was the Corvette, which went for $357,500, more than $150k above the price of the 1941 Lincoln Zephyr runner up.

What year did the corvette get a split window?

He has authored 12 books on various automotive topics. A pinnacle year for the Corvette, 1963 saw the release of the famous split-window coupe. The 1963 Split-Window Sting Ray is a marvel to look at, and it’s instantly recognizable on the road.

How many split-window coupes were made in 1963?

10,594 split-window coupes were made in 1963. Total Corvette production for the year was 21,513 and the other half was comprised of the convertible. The 1963 coupe included hood vents that were merely decorative and non-functional. These were also removed in 1964. 1963 was also the first year for hideaway headlights on Corvettes.

Did the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray have split-window back glass?

Ironically, while the engineering, performance, and styling of the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray was well-received by the public, the split-window back glass was not. The center pillar blocked outward visibility to the rear and quickly became a safety concern.

Are there any new photos of the 1963 Corvette?

It is hard to find new photos of the 1963 Corvette because there are not many left around.

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