What is 400grade 400 SG iron?

What is 400grade 400 SG iron?

Grade 400 SG iron can be supplied in two material variations EN-GJS-400-18 and EN-GJS-400-15 (formerly BS 2789 grade 400-18, and grade 400-15). The final number in the grade refers to the percentage elongation. Steel Express can supply 400-18 and 400-15 SG iron in bars up to 3m in length, stock can be cut to length as required.

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What is the difference between en-gjs-400-15 and SG iron?

SG iron has a greater fatigue and impact resistance compared to grey iron. EN-GJS-400-15 is also know as grade Grade 400-15 (BS 2789), GGG40 (DIN 1693) and internationally 400-15 (ISO 1083) Standard bar lengths are 3 metres. Steel Express can supply a full range of grey iron and SG iron bar.

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