What if God was one of us meaning?

What if God was one of us meaning?

It is about how everything you thought you knew ends up being the exact opposite of what you though it was. When it comes to the lyrics of “One of Us”, they ask us (the listeners) how we would relate to God if He was just an ordinary person (a slob) just like us.

What if God was one of us original singer?

singer Joan Osborne
“One of Us” is a song recorded by American singer Joan Osborne for her debut studio album, Relish (1995).

What if God was one of us who wrote it?

Eric Bazilian
One of Us/Composers

Who wrote if God was One of Us lyrics?

One of Us/Lyricists

When was what if God was one of us released?

One of Us/Released

What piercing is Joan Osborne noted for having in the music video for One of Us?

Osborne was determined to stand out. When she shot the video for “One of Us,” a makeup artist brought in a fake nose ring.

Did Prince Write What if God was one of us?

Written by Eric Bazilian from the Hooters, the lyric suggests a world where God exists and lives anonymously among us. However, Prince made a slight, but important change to Bazilian’s lyric.

What song section lives between each verse and chorus section throughout the form?

Bridge The
Bridge. The bridge (known as the prechorus in US songwriter-speak) is the section that forms the link between the verse and the chorus. As the chorus is usually on a higher energy level than the verse, the bridge section often needs to provide some sort of build.

What year was Abba One of Us?


Does Joan Osborne still sing?

She is best known for her recording of the Eric Bazilian-penned song “One of Us” from her debut album, Relish (1995)….

Joan Osborne
Instruments Vocals guitar
Years active 1989–present
Labels Polydor Mercury Interscope PolyGram Universal Music
Associated acts The Dead Phil Lesh and Friends Trigger Hippy

What was Joan Osborne’s biggest hit?

One Of Us
Most of the world first came to discover the blues infused, soulful, angelic, inspirational voice of Joan Osborne through her mega million selling hit “One Of Us,” in the mid-1990’s.

What if God was one of us year?

One of Us/Released
In 1995, Joan Osbourne released the single “One of Us”—which you may know by the longer, more cumbersome name, “What if God Was One of Us”—a line that repeats in the song only three times, but seems like a million.

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