What horsepower is a 283 Massey Ferguson?

What horsepower is a 283 Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson 283

Massey Ferguson 283 Power
Engine: 89 hp 66.4 kW
PTO (claimed): 67 hp 50.0 kW

How many horsepower is a 383 Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson 383

Massey Ferguson 383 Power
Engine: 81 hp 60.4 kW
PTO (claimed): 73 hp 54.4 kW

What horsepower is a Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson farm tractors by power

Model Power Years
2604H 45 hp 2016 –
135 45 hp 1964 – 1975
135 45 hp 1965 – 1979
150 45 hp 1964 – 1975

Who makes the engines for Massey Ferguson tractors?

Massey Ferguson is one of the most well-known names in the agricultural industry. Delivering products for over 160 years, Massey Ferguson is a renowed name in the industry. A number of Massey Ferguson tractors and compact tractors are powered with a Mitsubishi engine.

Are Massey Ferguson tractors good?

Massey Ferguson Tractors are good tractors. They are reliable, easy to maintain, and durable. While some models stand taller than others, they are a generally impressive addition to any farm inventory.

Who made Massey Ferguson tractors?

Massey Ferguson Tractor Reviews. Massey Ferguson was formed in Ontario, Canada in 1953 when agricultural equipment giant Massey-Harris Co. merged with three-point hitch inventors, the Ferguson Company . Today, Massey-Ferguson is a subsidiary of Georgia-based AGCO Corporation.

Who made Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson 6490 from the mid-2000s (decade) Massey Ferguson Limited is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, formed by the 1953 merger of farm machinery manufacturers Massey Harris of Canada and the Ferguson Company in Britain. It was based in Brantford, Ontario, until 1988.

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