What has David Ellery done?

What has David Ellery done?

David Ellery is a documentary film-maker, director and writer, author and ship historian based in Hampshire. He has written and produced/ directed a variety of stand-alone documentaries and five series’ for television and is credited with more than 150 published magazine articles and several books.

How many referees in England?

How many Referees are there in England? In England each season there are c28,000 Referees who register with The Football Association, alongside c4000 people who start their refereeing journey by taking The FA Referees Course.

Who is the best referee in England 2021?

» Referees

Name born
Michael Oliver 20/02/1985 1
Anthony Taylor 20/10/1978 2
Martin Atkinson 31/03/1971 2
Mike Dean 02/06/1968 6

What are the allegations against David Ellery?

Elleray was found in breach of the FA Council Code of Conduct in 2014 in a separate investigation launched after he made racist comments to a black FA employee, Rob McCarthy, at a referees’ conference at St George’s Park.

How many times did David Elleray send Roy Keane?

However, David Elleray, a humble Harrovian school housemaster, did. Now retired, the former Premiership referee has had the temerity to send off His Corkness four times. FEW people have managed to engage Roy Keane on a cerebral level.

How much do EPL referees get paid?

Officials in England’s top flight can earn as much as £70,000 per year. They are paid a basic yearly retainer of between £38,500 and £42,000 based on their experience officiating, and then they earn £1,150 per match on top of that, according to Goal.

What age group can a 14 year old referee?

Youth Referee – means a registered Referee who is aged 14 or 15.

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