What happened to WindSeeker at Knotts?

What happened to WindSeeker at Knotts?

Riders on the Windseeker ride at Knott’s Berry Farm get stuck Sept. Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., Knott’s parent company, announced last week that it would move the 301-foot Windseeker to the Worlds of Fun park in Kansas City, Mo. The ride’s new name will be SteelHawk.

Did the WindSeeker get stuck?

According to a rider riding WindSeeker at the time of the accident, as the gondola made its way back down the tower, the cables got stuck in the rotating gondola. The plastic casing began to be ripped apart as well as the cables causing the ride to come to a complete stop just over halfway up the tower.

Why is Knotts being evacuated?

BUENA PARK (CNS) – Police Friday evening were investigating a possible drive-by shooting in Buena Park near Knott’s Berry Farm that caused the park to be evacuated. The shooting was reported at about 8:40 p.m. on Beach Boulevard near the park, according to reports from the California Highway Patrol.

How many stories is the WindSeeker?

Windseeker’s dizzying height of 301 feet (yes, that’s over 30 stories) promises views of almost the entire park and beyond on a clear day. What’s more, Windseeker is two rides in one, offering a totally different experience at night!

When was WindSeeker built?

May 24, 2011WindSeeker / Opened

What happened at Knotts on July 9th?

BUENA PARK (CBSLA) – Two teen boys were injured in a drive-by shooting Friday night outside the front gate of Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, police said. Cellphone video captured crowds of people at Knott’s Berry Farm running away from the sound of gunshots on Friday July 9.

How high is WindSeeker at Canada’s Wonderland?

301 feet
WindSeeker’s dizzying height of 301 feet (yes, that’s over 27 stories) promises breathtaking views of the park. What’s more, WindSeeker is two rides in one, offering a totally different experience at night! When the sun goes down, the fun lights up with WindSeeker’s elaborate light show.

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