What happened to the taxi driver who won Mastermind?

What happened to the taxi driver who won Mastermind?

Personal life. Housego lives with his wife, Pat, in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England. In 2007 he was still working as a taxi driver.

What year did Fred Housego win Mastermind?

Classic edition of the esteemed quiz when London cabbie Fred Housego won the 1980 title. Contenders and specialist subjects: Fred Housego – Tower of London; John Keogh – House of Godwin, 1016-66; Samuel Mortimer – Life and works of Joseph Haydn; Ingram Wilcox – The Crusades 1095-1192.

How old is Fred Housego?

77 years (October 25, 1944)
Fred Housego/Age

Who won Mastermind in 1980?

Fred Housgo
Fred Housgo won the trophy in 1980.

Has Kevin Ashman been on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

He was Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness’ Phone-A-Friend for their appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? on 12 January 2008.

Who won the first Mastermind?

Nancy Wilkinson
Nancy Wilkinson was the first Mastermind winner in 1972.

What does Kevin Ashman do for a living?

TV Personality
Kevin Ashman/Professions

What did Kevin on Eggheads do for a living?

He became interested in quizzes in his mid-twenties when he resolved to improve his knowledge of the sciences whilst working as a civil servant in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Has anyone won Mastermind 3 times?

Any contestant that wins the Ultimate Trivia Challenge three times is invited back for future shows to play as an expert in addition to their total winnings of $30,000. To date, nobody has accomplished this.

Who is the current Mastermind champion?

BBC One’s Mastermind final tonight saw Jonathan Gibson, a 24-year-old student from Glasgow, crowned the youngest ever Mastermind Champion since the show began in 1972.

Who is the richest Egghead?

CJ de Mooi net worth: CJ de Mooi is an English actor and television personality who has a net worth of $5 million. CJ de Mooi was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom in November 1969. He is best known for being a panelist on the BBC television series Eggheads.

Is Kevin Ashman joining the chase?

The real Kevin is neither leaving Eggheads nor joining The Chase. I’m excited to announce and can confirm that I WILL be the new chaser on @ITVChase from September. I’ve decided to adopt the moniker, The Cashman. I’d like to thank @eggheadsTV for my 15 year run.

What was the subject of Housego’s mastermind?

In 1981 Housego took part in the international version of Mastermind in Sydney, Australia. He again used The Tower of London as his subject in the competition, having previously used it as his subject in the Mastermind final. He came fourth with 16 points.

How did Housego win Mastermind in 1980?

In 1980 Housego won a series of Mastermind in front of 18 million viewers. In an interview with Bradley Walsh for Come on Down! The Game Show Story, he said that his knowledge came from being a London Tourist Board -registered tour guide.

What is Fred Housego famous for?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fred Housego (born 25 October 1944, Dundee, Scotland) is a former London taxi driver who became a television and radio personality and presenter after winning the BBC television quiz Mastermind in 1980. He did not give up his taxi licence when he began his media career and was still driving a cab in 2007.

Who is John Housego?

In addition to driving a taxi he has also worked as a messenger for an advertising agency, a postman and a registered London Tourist Board tour guide. In 1980, Housego won a series of Mastermind in front of 18 million viewers. In an interview with Bradley Walsh for Come on Down!


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