What happened to the lead singer of Divinyls?

What happened to the lead singer of Divinyls?

Amphlett died, aged 53, on 21 April 2013 at her home in Manhattan, after a long battle with breast cancer. Due to the multiple sclerosis that Amphlett concurrently had, she reported that she was unable to receive radiation treatment or chemotherapy as cancer treatment.

Are the Divinyls still together?

The band played a short series of live gigs in Australia in late 2007 and early 2008. Divinyls broke up in 2009 and Amphlett died in 2013.

Where does Charley Drayton live?

New York City
New York City, U.S.

When did Chrissy Amphlett get MS?

Christine Joy Amphlett was born in Geelong, Victoria, in 1959. She gained fans for her energetic performances, complete with a signature outfit of a school uniform and fishnet stockings. Amphlett revealed her fight against multiple sclerosis in 2007 and in 2010 announced she had breast cancer.

Is Little Pattie related to Chrissy Amphlett?

She is the cousin of the late Chrissy Amphlett, frontwoman of Australian band Divinyls. She was educated at King Street Primary School and Sydney Girls High School. She was nicknamed “Little Pattie” at school as she had two taller friends also named Patricia.

Is Chrissy Amphlett still alive?

Deceased (1959–2013)
Chrissy Amphlett/Living or Deceased

Is Chrissy Amphlett death?

April 21, 2013
Chrissy Amphlett/Date of death

Is Charley Drayton married?

Chrissy Amphlettm. 1999–2013
Charley Drayton/Spouse

Is Little Pattie still married?

Personal life. In 1973, Little Pattie married Joy Boys’ bass guitarist and ATA record producer and manager Keith Jacobsen, brother of Colin (Col Joye) and Kevin Jacobsen. Keith and Little Pattie parted in 1984 and she subsequently married Lawrie Thompson in 1986.

Did Little Pattie ever have children?

She ended up marrying Joye’s brother, bass guitarist Keith Jacobsen. They parted in 1984 after an 11-year marriage, and she married Lawrie two years later. The singer, who has no children of her own, remembers her showbiz friends being fiercely protective of her because she was so young.

Who did little Pattie marry?

Lawrie Thompsonm. 1986
Keith Jacobsenm. 1973–1984
Little Pattie/Spouse

Who is the singer of the Divinyls?

Chrissy Amphlett

Australian rocker Chrissy Amphlett, the Divinyls lead singer whose group scored an international hit with the sexually charged “I Touch Myself” in the early 1990s, died Sunday after a battle with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, her husband said.

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