What happened to testors models?

What happened to testors models?

Testors has decided to discontinue a number of popular paint brands in response to what it calls a changing modeling market. Rust-Oleum, which owns Testors, recently announced that it was discontinuing its Model Master acrylic, Pactra spray and Aztek airbrush paint brands so that it could focus more on other products.

Does testors still make model paint?

The Testor Corporation has been manufacturing products for hobbies and crafts for more than eighty years. Since 1929, the oval Testors logo has been associated with quality and integrity. Testor paints, glues, airbrushes and accessories are sold world-wide and are still proudly made in the USA.

What happened to Model Master paints?

Yes this is correct that we are discontinuing the Model Masters and Aztek products. Unfortunately due to the lack of support for these product lines we made the difficult decision. The Testors line of paints, both enamel and acrylic, are still being manufactured and there are plans to expand the color lines.

How long Testors paint dry?

48-72 hours
TESTOR ENAMELS: Enamels require 48-72 hours for a full cure. To avoid possible wrinkling, recoat within 3 hours or after 48 hours.

What kind of paint does Testors model master use?

packaged them into larger 60ml (2 oz.) craft paint flip-top bottles as MicroLux paint, color matched to Polly- Scale paint colors. Regarding price, Testors’ Model Master acrylic line comes pre-thinned for airbrushing, but most of their

What is the difference between Testors model master and Vallejo paints?

and airplanes), the color line tends to have more subdued tones. This does mean in some cases, a brighter rail- road color such as NYC Jade Green made with Testors Model Master paints is a much less intense, faded tone. The Vallejo Model Air paints, like the Model Master paints, tend to have more subdued miliary modeling color

When did Testors stop making paint for models?

ing their models. Since Testors discontinued the line in 2013 and modelers’ paint stashes are now dimin- ishing, it’s time to wean ourselves from these paints. Ideally, we can find 21st Century environmentally-

When did Joe start writing about model railroad hobbyist?

set at age 8. Joe has written about his hobby since the 1990s and started his own model railroad publishing business in 2004. Since 2009 Joe has been the Publisher of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine

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