What happened to Rachel from Emmerdale?

What happened to Rachel from Emmerdale?

Graham cornered Rachel on a clifftop, where she came to the horrifying realisation that he had killed his first wife and made it look like suicide. In a panic, Graham pushed Rachel off the cliff to her death. Jack Sugden finds her lifeless body the next day.

Why did Rachel get killed in Emmerdale?

When Graham attempts to force himself on her, Rachel tries to run from him, but he corners her on a clifftop. Rachel realises that Graham killed his wife and confronts him, leading him to push her off the cliff to her death.

Who killed Rachel on Emmerdale?

Graham Clark
Graham Clark was a local schoolteacher and the murderer of his wife Rebecca Clark and his fiancée Rachel Hughes.

Did Rachel marry Graham in Emmerdale?

Graham pretended to be grief-stricken and told Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) that Rachel had accepted his marriage proposal to her. But Eric had spoken to Rachel the day before her death and knew that she had been thinking of ending her relationship with Graham.

Who did Rachel marry Emmerdale?

Rachel Hughes at her wedding to Chris Tate in 1995. Rachel was mentioned by Chris a number of times after she died and he bought up Joe as a single father. Joe was not yet 4 when his mum died so he has very few memories of her. Chris died in 2003 and Zoe Tate took Joe to New Zealand with her.

What has Gemma Oaten been in?

EmmerdaleSince 1972
Holby CitySince 1999Rise of the Footsoldier 3: The Pat Tate Story2017Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool2017Made You Look
Gemma Oaten/Movies and TV shows

From Emmerdale to Coronation Street via Holby City. Gemma Oaten is best known for her starring role in ITV soap Emmerdale as Rachel Breckle. The British actress also hit headlines in 2017 when she dated TV star, Nick Knowles.

Is Gemma Oaten in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street’s new character Isla is played by Gemma Oaten. Gemma, 37, made her debut on the cobbles on Wednesday evening as Tyrone Dobbs’ new love interest.

Who did Cathy marry in Emmerdale?

Jackie Merrick
Kathy in August 1988 when she was Kathy Merrick, then wed to Jackie Merrick. character in Emmerdale from Episode 1004 (26th November 1985) to Episode 3073 (20th December 2001). She made a brief return for four episodes in 2005 for Seth Armstrong’s funeral, her last appearance being Episode 4193 (1st November 2005).

Is Jamie Tate Frank Tate’s son?

Jamie Tate. James is the only child of Frank Tate (Norman Bowler) from his marriage to Kim Tate (Claire King). His paternity is initially in doubt as Kim had been having an affair with Dave Glover (Ian Kelsey). Dave dies saving James from a fire before the paternity tests show Frank is the father.

Who is Jamie Tate’s father in Emmerdale?

Frank Tate
James Tate/Father
Soap families and their dynasties are often very confusing, but this time around it is actually pretty simple. Jamie is in fact the uncle of Charity Dingle’s son Noah, as his father is the late Chris Tate. Chris and Jamie, while having different mothers, both shared the same father – Kim’s ex Frank Tate.

What happened to Rachel Hughes?

How did Rachel Hughes die in Emmerdale? Rachel met a gruesome end after she was pushed off a cliff by Graham during an argument. It came after Rachel told Eric Pollard that she was thinking of leaving Graham, after he tried to turn her into a housewife, she planned to break the news during a picnic.

What school did Gemma Oaten go to?

The duo visited Gemma’s former school of Malet Lambert to bring the issue of eating disorders to light.

Who is Rachel in Emmerdale and when did she appear?

in: Rachel Hughes. Rachel Tate (nee Hughes) was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 1279 (7th September 1988) to Episode 2522 (12th May 1999). She was the daughter of Kate and David Hughes and older sister of Mark Hughes.

Who is Ali’s sister Rachel Breckle in Emmerdale?

Rachel Breckle was a character in Emmerdale, first appearing in Episode 5975 (19th July 2011). She is the younger sister of Ali Spencer and Aunty to Sean and Amelia. She turned from a loud-mouthed chavette into a pleasant young woman since her arrival.

What happened to Alice in Emmerdale in 1999?

She made her debut as Alice on 14th June 1994, the episode after Hewitt’s departure. In 1999 the character of Alice was written out of Emmerdale after Tolboys decided to quit, and Alice decided to move with her mother Elsa to Australia.

Who killed Graham’s first wife in Emmerdale?

Before her death, Rachel worked out that Graham had killed his first wife. Rachel arrived in Beckindale in 1988 with her mother Kate and brother Mark after her parents divorced. Her mother began a feud with Joe Sugden in late 1988 after he shot and killed her dog because it was bothering his sheep.

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