What happened to Lothor?

What happened to Lothor?

and Lord Drakkon. Lothor was the only villain to be defeated in Dino Thunder but not destroyed by a Ranger or other villain but by an ally of Power Rangers (Hayley Ziktor).

Who is Lothor in Power Rangers Ninja Storm?

Kiya Watanabe
Kiya Watanabe, better known as Lothor, is a major antagonist in the Power Rangers franchise and the main antagonist of Power Rangers Ninja Storm as well as the two-part Power Rangers Dino Thunder episode “Thunder Storm”.

How are Blake and Hunter related?

Hunter Bradley He is the older brother of Blake Bradley, the Navy Thunder Ranger. The two were raised at the Thunder Ninja Academy by Sensei Omino after the death of their adoptive parents.

Who are the villains in Power Rangers Ninja Storm?

The fictional villains of the Power Rangers that appeared in the television series Power Rangers Ninja Storm were aliens that served the ninja-master Lothor, including his nieces, Marah and Kapri.

Who is the main villain in Power Rangers SPD?

Emperor Gruumm is the figurehead leader of the Troobian Empire and the main antagonist of Power Rangers SPD.

Is Katie still with Blake?

Katie and Blake decided to part ways back in October after a brief engagement admitting they’re “not compatible.” The reality star has since rekindled a romance with her fellow contestant, whom she sent home during week two leading to her ultimately choosing Blake in the finale.

Who is the strongest Ranger in Ninja Storm?

Tori Hanson
29 Strongest — Tori Hanson (Ninja Storm) Original fans of the show probably stopped watching long before Ninja Storm, but the season featured a small cast of Rangers and only one that seemed truly heroic: Tori Hanson. Tori is easily the strongest Ranger on her team.

Why was Jack the Red Ranger?

Jack Landors Once a homeless street thief alongside his best friend Z, Jack volunteered to become the Red B-Squad Ranger in order to save Z’s life as well as those of the other Rangers and took over as team leader, to the ire of Sky Tate.

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