What happened to Google News and weather app?

What happened to Google News and weather app?

Google News & Weather was a news aggregator application developed by Google. It was available on the Android and iOS operating systems. The iOS version of Google News & Weather was released on October 7, 2014. The app was discontinued on October 8, 2018.

How do I get Google weather widget?

Just open the Google app, which comes pre-installed on most Android phones. In case you don’t have it for some reason, you can download it. Once the Google app is opened, you should see a small button showing you weather info in the top-left corner. Tap on it.

How do I get the Google weather widget on my Android 12?

Once you’ve installed the latest Google app beta version, you can go ahead and check if the new weather widgets now appear inside the Widgets screen. For that, long-press on your Home Screen, and tap on ‘Widgets’. In the Widgets popup screen that appears, scroll down and tap on ‘Google’.

How do I get the Pixel weather widget?

Just long-press any empty space on your home screen, select “Widgets,” then choose “Google.” You’ll see four options — press and hold the “At a Glance” widget and drag it to your home screen.

How do I get the Google weather app on my Android?

Add Google’s Weather App to Your Android Phone If you don’t have this app, download and install it first. Next, launch the Google app. On the app’s main screen, tap the search box at the top. In the search box, type “weather” and select it from the search results.

Did Google get rid of weather app?

Update 6/1: A week after first appearing, Google has rolled back the redesigned Weather app. One possible motivation is the bug related to switching and searching for different cities. This removal was done server-side this morning, though you might not have noticed it until a minor beta update.

Is there a Google weather app?

Google’s Weather app is hidden inside the Google app on your Android phone. With a few taps in the Google app, you can place it on one of your home screens. To start, launch the Google app on your Android phone. If you don’t have this app, download and install it first.

How do I add the weather widget to my Android?

To do this, tap and hold an empty space on your home screen and tap “Widgets.” Swipe through the available widgets, if necessary, until you locate the Weather widget. Tap the “Weather” widget and drag it to the location on your home screen where you want it to appear.

Why is my Google weather app not working?

Google’s At a glance widget is a part of the Google app. So, if the widget isn’t working or not showing weather, chances are that the app itself is plagued with an overlying issue. So, make sure to remove the widget and add it again, try clearing the app’s cache, or uninstall updates and install them again.

What is the best weather app for Android free?

The following are the best weather apps and weather widgets currently available for Android. 1) 1Weather 2) Accuweather 3) Appy Weather 4) Google Feed 5) MyRadar Weather Radar 6) NOAA Weather 7) Overdrop 8) Storm Radar 9) Today Weather 10) WeatherBug Just install this extension and get top ten app list.

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