What happened to Explorer of the Seas?

What happened to Explorer of the Seas?

In 2019 September, it was announced that the ship will get a refurbishment with $110 million in makeovers before it’s 2020 summer season. The refurbishment that was to take place under the amplification program in 2020 was delayed indefinitely due to the COVID pandemic, instead only technical refurbishment took place.

When was the Explorer of the Seas refurbished?

Inaugurated in 2000, Explorer of the Seas underwent refurbishment in early 2015 to add features like a surf simulator, a 3D movie theater and additional dining options. It is scheduled for a $110 million Royal Amplification that will fully update numerous spaces around the ship.

Is Explorer of the Seas still sailing?

Explorer Of The Seas current cruise is 7 days, round-trip Southern Caribbean Cruise. The itinerary starts on 30 Jan, 2022 and ends on 06 Feb, 2022….Current itinerary of Explorer Of The Seas.

Date / Time Port
01 Feb 08:00 – 18:00 St Croix Island USVI, Frederiksted-Christiansted, US Virgin Islands

Did Explorer of the Seas get amplified?

Explorer of the Seas What is this? Like Allure, Explorer of the Seas had her Royal Amplification delayed and then postponed. Explorer will get a “technical dry dock” to repair the vessel’s propulsion and navigation.

Will Explorer of the Seas be refurbished?

Royal Caribbean announced $110 million in upgrades and enhancements to Explorer of the Seas coming in 2020. What is this? The bow to stern refurbishment will prepare Explorer of the Seas for a summer 2020 season in the Mediterranean and include a number of big changes.

How old is Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas?

Royal Caribbean International Explorer of the Seas Ship Information

Explorer of the Seas
Year Built 2000
Year Last Refurbished 2014
Capacity 4,290 passengers
Decks 14

What drinks are free on Explorer of the Seas?

The free drinks on your Royal Caribbean cruise include:

  • tap water.
  • milk.
  • tea.
  • coffee (regular and decaf)
  • lemonade.
  • iced tea.
  • flavored waters.
  • juices (at breakfast and not fresh squeezed)

Does Explorer of the Seas have water slides?

When you step out on Explorer of the Seas’ top deck, you would have seen The Perfect Storm, aka, Royal Caribbean’s popular, cruiser favorite duo of waterslides. The waterslides are called Cyclone and Typhoon and they’ll certainly make your heart drop as you go racing through the three stories of slide.

Is Explorer of the Seas good for kids?

Explorer of the Seas is an outstanding choice for family cruisers. The facilities on this ship are among the largest in the industry — encompassing more than 16,000 square feet — and include large playrooms, a video arcade and a teen nightclub (Optix) with a dance floor, DJ booth and soda bar.

Does Explorer of Seas have water slides?

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