What happened on the 18th of October?

What happened on the 18th of October?

This Day in History: October 18 After much opposition, a deal negotiated by U.S. Secretary of State William Seward for the U.S. purchase of the Russian colony of Alaska was approved, and on this day in 1867 the U.S. flag was flown over the capital, Sitka.

What happened October 18th 2018?

Among the events that happened on this day in history, the U.S. formally took possession of Alaska from Russia.

What happened on October 18th 2010?

Typhoon Megi: One person is missing and thousands of people have fled as Typhoon Megi, the first supertyphoon of the 2010 Pacific typhoon season, makes landfall in the Philippines.

What happened on October 18th 2009?

Which were the important events of October 18, 2009? Jenson Button wins the 2009 Formula One World Championship in Interlagos, São Paulo, Brazil, by finishing fifth in the 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Why is October 18 a special day?

NEW DAY PROCLAMATION | NATIONAL EXASCALE DAY |October 18 NATIONAL EXASCALE DAY On October 18 (1018), National Exascale Day celebrates the scientists and researchers who make breakthrough discoveries in medicine, materials sciences, energy and beyond with the help of some […]

What happened October 18th 2021?


What happened on October 18th 2021?

HeadlinesOctober 18, 2021 A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel unanimously approved booster shots for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine Friday. The second shot can be given as early as two months after the first dose. FDA. Coronavirus.

Who was born on 18 October?

More celebrities with birthdays today Singer Russ Giguere of The Association is 78. Actor Joe Morton is 74. Actor Pam Dawber is 71. Gospel singer Vickie Winans is 68.

Is October 18th a holiday?

18, is a State holiday, celebrating the anniversary of the transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the U.S. on Oct. 18, 1867. Alaska was purchased by the U.S. from the Russian Empire for $7.2 million on March 30,1867. Alaska’s territorial legislature adopted Alaska Day as a State holiday in 1917.

Why is there no school on October 18th?

The sit-out is in protest of vaccine mandates for students and teachers. CALIFORNIA — On Monday, Oct. 18, parents and teachers in California who oppose a vaccine mandate for students and teachers are planning a sit-out. Newsom explained the COVID vaccine would be required for in-person school attendance.

Is October 18 a Libra?

Libras born on October 18 are dynamic, spirited, and energetic. They refuse to sugarcoat their opinions to please others. They are ambitious, even a little aggressive, but they wear it well. October 18 people are not afraid to display their confidence.

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