What happened in Koh Tao?

What happened in Koh Tao?

The Koh Tao murders involved the death of two British tourists in Thailand in 2014. On 15 September, the bodies of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were found on Sairee Beach on the island of Koh Tao, between 4 and 5 am, a few hours after their deaths.

Is Ko Tao worth it?

Koh Tao is one of Thailand’s most popular islands, especially for divers and snorkelers. But even if you don’t dive yourself, visiting Koh Tao is definitely worth it. The island does not offer many classic sights, but all the more exciting activities.

Are there sharks in Koh Tao?

On Koh Tao, we can still find a few different species of sharks, although the numbers have been decreasing drastically over the years. The most commonly seen is the Carcharhinus Limbatu, also known as Black Tip Reef Shark, due to their black tipped snouts and dorsal fins.

What is Koh Tao known for?

Ko Tao is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist spots. Although the Bangkok Post cannot decide if it receives 132,000 or three million visitors a year, it does receive a lot. The island is well known for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering.

What is there to do in Koh Tao at night?

8 Best places to enjoy Koh Tao nightlife In 2022

  • Reef Sports Bar and Restaurant – of great food and live sports.
  • AC Bar Beach Club – Pool parties at night.
  • Queen’s Cabaret – A vibrant stage performance.
  • Coco Bar – Perfect vibe at night.
  • Fishbowl Beach Bar – Paradise for youngsters.
  • Pirate Bar – A quaint place to chill-out.

What country has the most shark attacks?

Australia has the highest number of fatal shark attacks in the world, with Western Australia recently becoming the deadliest place in the world for shark attacks with total and fatal shark bites growing exponentially over the last 40 years.

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