What happened Aftertale?

What happened Aftertale?

Aftertale is an AU where Chara has complete control of Frisk’s body and keeps RESETting the timeline for what Chara calls “research.” When Frisk first started the Genocide Run, Sans feels that the only way to beat Frisk is by injecting DETERMINATION in himself. After 536 tries, Frisk is finally able to hit Sans.

Why does Underlust exist?

Sometime after being sealed Underground, monsters began to suffer from widespread infertility, and their numbers began to dwindle. After some time, it was decided that the monsters would use the SOUL TRAIT, LUST, in a fleeting attempt to raise the fertility of monsters and save their people.

What is Aftertale Sans name?

Aftertale Sans is a Sans who was near-death in a Genocide timeline. Calling himself “Geno”, he lives in the save screen with the original Frisk.

How much HP does dust Sans have?

Is sans the only one that can dodge? He can dodge, I think because of determination. He only has one HP. That means even a single punch can take him down.

What happened to Geno Sans eye?

Geno Sans has a slash on his white jacket from his fight against Chara/Frisk. Geno Sans’ right eye is covered by a glitch, probably to hide the part of his face melting from the determination he injected himself with.

What is horror Sans afraid of?

Horror hates the Underground’s new ruler, Undyne or “Queen Undick” as he calls her. Sans also mentioned that Undyne would better off dead.

Does Reaper Sans have a soul?

Sans was okay with what he had. Reaping sinful souls had been what he’d done for the past centuries, and he didn’t enjoy it, but he could manage it. However, his soul is still not complete, and he is still partially insane.

Does killer Sans have a soul?

(Most likely to stand out from other Sanses) Killer’s alternate attire has him wearing the Sans classic striped shorts and sweater but with an inverted color scheme, he still has his target-like soul.

Is Reaper Sans a God?

Sans is the god of death alongside his brother, Reapertale Papyrus.

What is Geno Sans afraid of?

Afraid of Fresh: He is always freaked out by Fresh. He can sometimes get distracted by “it”.

Is Sans Geno an error?

Geno! Sans (Past Error! Sans) Error Sans doesn’t remember anything about his past life as Geno.

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