What gears are in a diff?

What gears are in a diff?

In rear-wheel drive automobiles the central drive shaft (or prop shaft) engages the differential through a hypoid gear (ring and pinion). The ring gear is mounted on the carrier of the planetary chain that forms the differential. This hypoid gear is a bevel gear that changes the direction of the drive rotation.

What do the numbers mean on a differential?

Differential Gear Ratio determines the number of times the drive shaft (or pinion) will rotate for each turn of the wheels (or ring gear). The higher the number, the lower the ratio: a 5.29 gear has a lower ratio than a 4.10 gear.

What are the types of differential?

There are four common differentials used between vehicles – open, locking, limited-slip and torque-vectoring.

What is a 3.42 rear axle ratio?

Axle ratios may be expressed in notation as something along the lines of “3.42:1,” or a “3.42 rear axle.” In either case, it essentially means the drive shaft and pinion need to rotate 3.42 times in order to rotate the axle shafts once.

What do the letters on the rear wheel size numbers mean?

They look like T292 (6.7″ crown wheel, 4.100 ratio, 2 pinions, no LSD), F314 or similar. The letter shows the crown wheel size, the next 2 digits show the ratio and the final digit shows the number of pinion and whether LSD is fitted.

Are all Toyota ring gears interchangeable?

All Toyota ring gears of the same size or letter code are interchangeable as long as the matching pinion gear is swapped at the same time. Also, the LSD mechanism can be removed from one diff and put into a diff with the same series code.

What are the parts numbers for a unitised rear differential?

The parts numbers should be prefixed by 41201- (eg 41201-29135). Banjo diffs are removed from the front and the crown and pinion gears are removed within a separate carrier. Unitised diffs have a rear access plate and the crown and pinion gears are held by the axle housing.

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