What film is used for hydro dipping?

What film is used for hydro dipping?

PVA hydrographic film
A PVA hydrographic film, which has been printed on with a desired graphic image using latex or pigment-based inks, is carefully placed on the water’s surface in the dipping tank.

Can you Hydro dip designs?

Hydrographic Films That means that you can customize a huge variety of items with our vibrant, beautifully designed hydro dipping films! Choose from hydro dipping film in abstract designs, animal prints, camouflage, wood grain prints, and more.

How much does Hydro dip film cost?

Most hydrographics shops charge around $75 to $80 per wheel, depending on labor costs and customizations. If hydrodipping is part of a wheel painting package, the cost may be higher.

What materials do you need to Hydro dip?

Step-By-Step Guide to Hydro Dipping

  1. Large, deep plastic container (the container will have paint on the inside after the hydro dipping is complete)
  2. DIY complete hydrographic printing kit.
  3. Object to be dipped.
  4. Sandpaper to smooth the surface.
  5. Rags.
  6. Bucket of mild cleaning solution and water.
  7. Vinyl, rubber, or latex gloves.

What is the activator for hydro dipping?

The other type gives you more time to do the dipping. It is good for a beginner to use. Although each manufacturer has its own blend, the common ingredients in activators are xylene, isobutanol, butyl, methyl acetate and methyl ethyl ketone. The fast-acting activators swap methyl ethyl ketone for ethyl isobutyl ketone.

What type of film is used in hydrographics?

The film used in hydro dipping produces a quality and custom finish for any OEM parts. Special inks are printed onto a large roll of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) film. This clear film is water-soluble, which means it will start to break down when floated on water and the activator chemical is applied.

Is there money in hydro dipping?

Hydro dipping fees for guns typically range from $200 to $500, depending on the make and model. Gun accessories cost $50 to $200 to hydro dip. The average cost for hydro dipping a smaller object, such as cups starts at $30. Unusual items, such as water skis and wakeboards, usually cost $150 to $300 to hydro dip.

How permanent is hydro dipping?

Hydrographic finishes are very robust and will last for many years under normal use. However, similar to your car finish, the paint can scratch if the product is abused. Scratching the protective clear coat can cause failure to the hydrographic finish.

Do you need a base coat for hydro dipping?

Choosing the right base coat color is very important in hydro dipping. So if you are wanting the design to look as intended and usually shown on the product page of where you are purchasing the film, then using a white base coat is usually the best choice unless it is specified that another color was used in the photo.

Why choose water transfer printing film?

Consistency: Water Transfer Printing film is consistent from pattern to pattern. Gone are the days where you have to change your parameters for every film in your inventory. Color Accuracy: We use the latest in color measuring technology to ensure our patterns meet the correct color requirements post application.

How do you use 3D film transfer prep hydrographic?

3 Film Transfer Prep Hydrographic film is carefully placed on the water’s surface in the dipping tank. The film is water soluble, and dissolves, leaving only the pattern floating on the water. Surface tension will allow the pattern to curve around any surface.

What materials can be used for water transfer printing?

Hydrographic Films. If an item can be dipped and submerged in water, then it is probably a good candidate for use with water transfer printing technology.

What is hydrographic water transfer printing?

What is Hydrographic Water Transfer Printing? Hydrographic Printing, also know as Water Transfer Printing, allows patterns and designs to be applied to any shaped objects. Any object that can hold a base coat and be safely submerged in water can be dipped.

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