What episode is the bar scene in Only Fools and Horses?

What episode is the bar scene in Only Fools and Horses?

Yuppy Love
Yuppy Love

“Yuppy Love”
Only Fools and Horses episode
Episode no. Series 6 Episode 1
Directed by Tony Dow
Written by John Sullivan

Which episode of the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses had the biggest viewing audience?

Time on Our Hands
“Time on Our Hands” is an episode of the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses. First screened on 29 December 1996, it was the final episode of that year’s Christmas trilogy and the fifteenth Christmas special overall. It attracted a television audience of 24.3 million, a record for a British sitcom.

What was the last ever Only Fools and Horses episode?

Only Fools and Horses/Latest episode

What are the best episodes of Only Fools and Horses?

Only Fools: The Favourites

  • The Jolly Boys Outing (1989 Christmas Special)
  • A Touch of Glass (Series 2)
  • Stage Fright (Series 7)
  • Tea for Three (Series 5)
  • Heroes and Villains (1996 Christmas Special Part 1)
  • Yuppie Love (Series 6)
  • Friday the 14th (Series 3)
  • The Unlucky Winner Is… (Series 6)

How many Only Fools and Horses episodes are there?

Only Fools and Horses/Number of episodes
In total, 64 regular episodes of Only Fools and Horses, all written by John Sullivan, were produced. All are now available on both Region 2 and Region 1 DVD.

What episode does Del falls through the bar?

Del Boy falls through the bar in true hilarious OFAH style. “Yuppy Love” was the first episode in the 6th series of Only Fools And Horses, airing on the 8th January 1989, starting at 7:15pm on BBC1, with a viewing figure of 13.9 million, even if “Dates” has been considered the official first episode of the 6th series.

What episode in Only Fools and Horses does Rodney meets Cassandra?

She made her first Only Fools and Horses appearance in the episode Yuppy Love, in which she attended the same adult education class as Rodney. The two first met when Rodney accidentally took her raincoat from the cloakroom, thinking it was his.

Which sitcom holds most watched episode in UK?

Which TV sitcom holds the record for the highest UK audience for a sitcom episode? ‘Only Fools and Horses’ is a British sitcom created and written by John Sullivan.

Why did Rodney and Cassandra split?

After a year of marriage, Cassandra and Rodney split up in The Jolly Boys Outing (the 1989 Christmas special), when he punched her boss in a fit of misplaced jealousy, breaking his nose. Assuming that Rodney was cheating on her, Cassandra locked him out of the flat.

How did Del Boy lose his money?

Plot. The episode opens with Del Boy and Rodney explaining their latest holiday to a barrister. Later, Del learns that the Central American stock market has crashed, meaning the Trotters have lost all their money.

How many episodes of Only Fools and Horses was Slater in?

3 episodes
Roy Slater was a recurring character in Only Fools And Horses, appearing in 3 episodes of the show and two of the three episodes of the prequel Rock and Chips.

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