What engine did the 1979 Trans Am have?

What engine did the 1979 Trans Am have?

The short-deck Pontiac 301 V-8, with its 150 horsepower, was the base Trans Am engine and came with manual and automatic options.

How much horsepower did a 1979 Trans Am have?

The 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am came standard with an Oldsmobile 185 horsepower engine.

What is a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am worth?

For instance, the average price of a 1979 Trans Am (with the 400 Pontiac V8) is $22,500, according to Hagerty’s Valuation Tool, while a Tenth Anniversary Edition in the same condition is worth about $10,000 more.

What was the best car in 1979?

Coolest Cars of 1979

  • Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Trans Am was the coolest car on the road, bar none.
  • Chevrolet Camaro Z28. Let me make one thing clear: The Trans Am was way, way cooler.
  • Mercury Cougar XR-7. Fourteen-year olds have only a nascent sense of style.
  • Jeep CJ.

What was the fastest car in the 70s?

1. Porsche 911 turbo – 4.9 secs. Also known as the 930, the Porsche 911 turbo stood proud as the quickest car built in the 1970s.

What is the top speed of 1978 Pontiac Trans Am?

Performance* Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 7.8 seconds 0-100 mph: 22.8 seconds 1/4 mile ET: 14.29 seconds @ 98.79 mph Top speed: 120 mph *According to a July 1978 road test from Hot Rod magazine

Who makes the pontaic Firebird Trans Am?

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am; Overview; Manufacturer: General Motors: Production: 1969-2002: Body and chassis; Class: Pony car, Muscle car: Body style: 2-door convertible 1969, 1987-1989 Pontiac sanctioned special edition, 1991-1992, 1994-2002 2-door coupe 1969-2002: Layout: FR layout: Platform: F-body

What are Trans Am?

Trans Am is a three-piece band which originated in Bethesda, Maryland that was one of the originators of “post-rock” in the mid 90s. Their work centers on a cerebrally robotic, usually instrumental, semi-danceable, minimalistic format, with influences including Krautrock , heavy metal, hardcore punk, synthpop, electronic music, and folk music.

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